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Want to Vaporize Cannabis or Tobacco or Other Herbs? We Know What You Need. You Need Vaporizers

Vaporizers’ or ‘Vape’ is a device used to vaporize substances, such as cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs for inhalation. At Shop Rite, you will uncover some of the finest vapes.

We offer a premium collection of vapes in Canada. At Shop Rite, smokers will find vapes at affordable prices. So if you are in pursuit of a vaporizer for sale, then you can trust us.

We have satisfied a multitude of customers in the past with our top-notch vaporizers. Xmax and Yokan vapes are easily available at our smoking shop.

  • Xmax Vital Dry Herb Vaporizer

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    • The XMax Vital for dry herb is a new, hand held, portable vaporizer that heats up quickly, has a ceramic chamber, OLED display, and a reliable 2600 mAh Samsung battery.
    • The XMax Vital vaporizer is a robust vaporizing instrument featuring an intuitive temperature control system. XMax Vital offers a wide-mouth heating chamber for easy loading and cleaning and features a durable and rugged rubberized exterior.
    • Memory function: XMax Vital Vaporizer features a memory function. It memorizes the temperature setting you selected, so when you start to vape again, you don’t need to repeat the temperature-setting process.
    • Battery capacity: 18650 3.7V 2600 mAh
    • Charger/output volt: 5.0V/1A
    • Charging: Micro USB charging
    • OLED display: Timer/setting temp/power/current temp
    • On/off: Press the power button for 5 seconds
    • Safety power duration: 5 minutes and 10 minutes optional auto off
    • Heating chamber: Ceramic with an embedded heating element
    • Screen: OLED
    • Temperature range: 100° C – 240° C (212° F – 464° F)
  • IFOG Vortex Kit

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    Package Contains:
    • Vortex Atomizer
    • 1400 mAh Vortex Battery
    • Magnetic Storage Container
    • Stainless Steel Dab Tool
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Vortex User Manual
  • Yocan Evolve Plus “XL”

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    Package Contains;
    • 1xYocan evolve plus XL
    • 1xQuad quartz coil replacement
    • 1xDab tool
    • 1xLanyard
    • 1xHanging ring
    • 1xMicro USB cable

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    Vane Features:
    • Compact And Portable: 80x30c20mm
    • Magnetic Mouthpiece
    • Ceramic Heating Chamber
    • Superbly Diffused Airflow
    • Smart Vibration Reminder
    • 30 Seconds Fast Heat Up 480F
    • Two vaping options: 3 minute or 5 minute session
    • 30 Sec Safety Power-off
    • USB-C Charging
    • Temperature Range: 200℉ – 480℉
    • Battery Capacity: 1100mah

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    The Yocan Hit has all of the modern features of a dry herb vaporizer at a budget. It keeps you notified as well as safe with circuit protections. Do not allow the lightweight feeling of the device to distract from the sturdy quality. The mouthpiece is magnetic and comes with a stirring rod attached so all you need to do is twist the mouthpiece to mix your herb. It uses convection heating and a ceramic heating chamber for the best vapor quality. Temperature settings range from 200-480°F with a 30 second heat time, a slight vibration will alert the user when it has reached temp. Setting the temperature can be done by pressing the side buttons. The device also has a OLED screen for displaying settings.   In The Box 1 Hit BLACK Device 1 Cleaning Brush 1 Type C Cable 1 User Manual​
  • Yocan Evolve

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    Package Contains;
    • 1 Evolve Atomizer
    • 1 Evolve Battery
    • 1 Extra Quartz Dual Coil head
    • 1 Wax tool
    • 1 USB charger
  • X Max V2 Pro (Black)

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    • The X Max 2 Pro has rechargeable, interchangeable 18650 battery. A fully charged battery lasts for about 1 hour.
    • Low air resistance
    • Easy to clean, Just brush off the herb chamber and screens after use and use a Q-tip with isopropyl alcohol if there is any build up.
    • Black color
  • Yocan Evolve Plus

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    Package Contains;
    • 1xEvolve Plus Atomizer
    • 1xEvolve Plus Battery (1100 mAh)
    • 1xExtra Dual Quartz Coil
    • 1xWax Tool
    • 1xMicro USB Cable
  • Yocan Evolve D

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    Package Contains:
    • 1xEvolve Battery
    • 1xEvolve-D Dry-Herb Atomizer
    • 1xReplacement Evolve-D Spiral Coil
    • 1xCleaning Brush
    • 1xUSB Charger
    • 1xGift Box