Ceramic Bongs

Shop Rite Has the Finest Collection of Ceramic Bongs for Smokers

“Bongs that are known for having a high hardness, a high melting point, and a low conductivity are called Ceramic Bongs.” They are inert, so they do not corrode. At Shop Rite, you will find some of the finest ceramic water pipes.

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We have satisfied countless smokers with our top-notch ceramic water pipes. In our store, smokers fill find a variety of ceramic bongs including spider web, nose, art, cheetah, cobra, and skull-shaped. We are a one-stop destination for smokers for ceramic water pipes.

Characteristics of a Ceramic Bong

Make sure that the ceramic bong you are buying has a unique charm and appeal. Ceramic water pipes are thicker than a typical glass bong, and they are also a bit more durable than glass bongs. The coating on these bongs allows for creative and fun decorations plus adornment. Furthermore, they are bongs that you will less often find in a head shop.

How to Smoke a Ceramic Bong in 4 Simple Steps?

Here is our 4-step guide for you:

Step 1: Pour water into the tube at the start, and make sure that you have poured enough water that covers the bottom-third of the downstem.

Step 2: Now grind your cannabis to a medium-fine grind, them pack the bowl while leaving some room for air to pass through.

Step 3: Place your lips around the mouthpiece and light the bowl; cover the carb hole if there is one.

Step 4: Now enjoy small hits by inhaling lightly and exhale normally. Enjoy the bong flavor!

Benefits of Smoking a Ceramic Bong

  • If you want to enjoy smoking the bong at full, then you cannot go wrong with ceramic bongs.
  • Ceramic bongs come in unique shapes and a variety of colors.
  • A ceramic bong is more durable than a glass bong.
  • Ceramic water pipes are water-tight and air-tight.
  • Ceramic water pipes are less expensive than many other bongs.