Not Sure about the Bowls That You Need for Smoking Cannabis? We Got What You Need

The part of a water pipe for holding the cannabis is called a bowl (slide). A bowl is very essential when it comes to smoking a bong. Luckily, Shop Rite has a range of bowls available for smokers.

Many smokers in Canada recommend our shop. Why? Because we are selling the slides to smokers at affordable prices. In our shop, smokers will find 14 mm (millimeter) and 18 mm slides.

If you want to hold the tobacco, loose-leaf herb, or a dry legal herb in place, then you should buy a bowl from our shop. At Shop Rite; you will find small, as well as bigger bowls.

Things Smokers Need to Keep in Mind about Bowls

Bowls can either be bigger or smaller, and smokers need to keep a few things in their minds while they buy such slides. Smokers should buy a large bowl if they want to enjoy long smoking sessions by trying out different herbs. Conversely, they should opt for a small bowl if they want to enjoy smoking for a short period of time.

How to Smoke with the Aid of a Bowl?

Smoking out of a bowl is generally done with a hand pipe. Once you grind the herb, you will need to fill it with a herb and pack it, but not very tightly. You will need to hold the bowl in one hand with your thumb covering the small hole (carb). With your other hand, you will need to light up the corner of the bowl with a lighter. You will need to remove your thumb from the carb hole. Once the herb sparks, you will be ready to inhale the smoke. Exhale normally. That is it.

Why Do People Prefer Smoking from Glass Bowls?

Glass renders a simple, straightforward, and clean way to smoke cannabis; as it is an inert substance that can be heated without leaking residual odors, flavors, or contaminants into the smoke. Smokers use glass bowls, as they can be used over and over again.