Rolling Papers

Want to Get the Best Boom from Your Next Smoke? Then You Should Try Out Our Cigarette Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers’ or ‘Joint Papers’ are special papers for making cigarettes. Luckily, Shop Rite has a variety of papers available for smokers to roll their cigarettes.

Our joint papers can make the cigarette smoking experience of the smokers even more joyful. The best part of buying such papers from our shop is that they are affordably-priced.

We have a variety of joint papers available including raw, elements, skunk, premium, ultimate, unbleached, and many others. So we have joint papers available for smokers to get the best bang from their next smoke.

A Brief History of Joint Papers

Many legends point to Spain as the country of origin for rolling papers. Tobacco cigars were first smoked by the Spanish gentry. The peasants in Spain did not want to miss out on smoking, so they wrapped the dregs of cigar butts in newspapers and attempted to smoke the very last tendrils of tobacco. As newspapers were hard on health, so the rolling papers were invented as a replacement to newspapers in the papermaking capital, Alcoy. Today, the joint papers have gained popularity in North America and Europe.

How Should Smokers Choose the Right Rolling Papers?

Opting for the right rolling paper is a matchlessly personal decision, and it has a huge impact on a smoker’s marijuana-smoking experience. The size and flavor play a vital role when it comes to choosing a rolling paper. Opting for the right joint paper is contingent on what smokers are going to smoke and what they want to smoke. Typically, a rolling paper comes in five sizes including single wide (they are difficult to deal with), one and one-quarter inch rolling paper (once rolled, then they are similar in size to a standard cigarette), one and one-half inch rolling paper (ideal for longer hit), double-wide (allow for a larger joint), and king (allows for more tokes and better ventilation). The rolling papers come in a variety of flavors encompassing double chocolate, blueberry, coconut, and just pure cannabis. So the choice is yours to select your preferred flavored rolling paper.

A Step by Step Guide for Rolling a Killer-Joint

Here is our 5-steps guide for you:

Step 1: Start by making a filter from any thin, flexible cardstock.

Step 2: Put your rolling paper long-ways on the table and make sure that the glue side is facing up.

Step 3: Add your favorite weed in the middle of the paper.

Step 4: Start rolling the tube, lick the glue strip, and press it gently against the exposed rolling paper.

Step 5: Light up and relish.