Big Bongs

Relish the Best Smoking Experience by Smoking Big Bongs

Are you in pursuit of a massive piece of glass to enjoy smoking marijuana? If yes, then you need to buy a big bong. Big bongs have a chamber with an increased size that allows smokers to enjoy smoking cannabis at full potency.

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Choosing a Big Bong

Big water pipes come in two varieties that include jam-packed with features and dead simple straight tubes. If you want to take a monster hit with a bong, then you should consider buying dead simple straight tube huge bongs. However, if you can afford to spend more money to enjoy more features of a bong, then you should contemplate purchasing jam-packed big water pipes that come with loads of additional accessories.

How to Smoke a Big Bong?

You will need to follow the following steps to smoke a big bong with triumph:

Step 1: Make sure you clean the mouthpiece and the bowl in the first place.

Step 2: Fill up your bong with about an inch of fresh water while ensuring that the stem is partly submerged.

Step 3: Now grind up marijuana and pack the bowl.

Step 4: Place your mouth on the mouthpiece. Also, make sure that your lips go on the inside of the chamber.

Step 5: Put your finger on the carb.

Step 6: Light up the bowl and inhale, at the same time.

Step 7: Now take your finger away from the carb and keep inhaling to clear the smoke out of the chamber.

Step 8: Hold the smoke inhaling for a few seconds before you exhale.

Step 9: Now sit back and enjoy smoking.

Advantages of Smoking a Big Bong

  • You can be assured that you will have the best smoking experience if you smoke a big bong.
  • Big bongs are made up of thicker glass, so they last longer.
  • A big bong comes in the marketplace with more accessories, such as ash catchers and unique bong bowls.
  • A big water pipe is very easier to clean, as compared to the mini bongs.
  • Lastly, big water pipes have more room for percolation giving smokers smooth hits.