Bong Water

Looking to Make Your Smoking Session Easier? Then You Need Bong Water

The strong-smelling liquid at the bottom of the bong is called ‘Bong Water’. Smokers need to cool and filter the smoke of marijuana, so they need this type of water. Shop Rite has bong water available in different flavors.

Smokers know that they don’t enjoy smoking cannabis without water meant for bongs. The good news for smokers in Canada is that we are selling flavored water for bong at a very low price.

If you don’t want your smoking session to become difficult, then you should make the most of flavored water for bong available at Shoprite. We are selling bong water in two flavors including bubblegum and peach.

How Often Should You Change Your Bong Water?

If you heavily consume cannabis, then you should change your water for bong at least once a day. However, if you want to get the most out of your ground concentrates, then you should change your water before each smoking session. At the bare minimum, the daily consumers must change their bong water every 2 to 3 days. Dirty water for bong can cause infections in the smoker’s lungs, so it should be changed by the smoker before a smoking session to avoid this catastrophe.

What Does Bong Water Actually Do?

You must know that nature abhors a vacuum, so when smokers start sucking on the mouthpiece of a bong that is, properly assembled; then the water is pulled upwards forming a kind of vacuum effect of pressure within the water. The smoker’s intake of breath is not enough to force to actively pull the water molecules upwards, but it is enough to suck in the marijuana smoke that is, created once the smoker lights the bowl. This whole process causes the smoke to pull into the water. Then there comes an active stream of pressure from the bowl in the form of marijuana smoke, so the gas moves out of the water and into the bong tube, the water acts more than just a pressurizing force to allow for convenient marijuana extraction; it also acts a coolant. So the bong water acts as a pressurizing force, as well as the coolant for the bong.

A Few Advantages of Having Water in a Bong:

  • Water in a bong filter and cool the smoke.
  • The smoke can be easily inhaled by the smoker once bong water does the trick of cooling and filtration.