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Just browse through Shoprite Smoke Shop’s collection of exclusive and eye-catching bongs and select the one that speaks to you. We have a wide variety of bongs with various designs, materials, and all sorts of accessories that you could ever need.

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Evita T
Evita T
4 months ago
All the things required were available and at affordable price. I always come here and are available all the time. I hot to see a wide range of flavors in vapes and the prices are the lowest in the locality.
Meaghan Gowler
Meaghan Gowler
5 months ago
After ordering a bong, later I was told that there was an accident with stock and it had been sold out. They let me choose a bong that was $30 extra, for no extra cost to me, gave me free express shipping and said they would include extra accessories in the package. Very please with the above and beyond service to fix a simple mistake. Will definitely order from here again and recommend to friends.
karl glaeser
karl glaeser
5 months ago
Been shopping here for years because the people are super nice and will actually go out of their way to help customers. Thank you!
Cheech & Chong Glass bong Vancouver Canada

Iconic Cheech & Chong Bongs & Pipes in Vancouver

Buy a bong online in Vancouver– free same-day shipping

Shop Rite Smoke Shop is the right place to purchase Cheech & Chong Glass and accessories in Vancouver. If you love using a bong to get your high (and we know you do), you will do well to go for our famous Cheech and Chong glass bongs. You can easily add the most trending Cheech and Chong bongs to your cart, as well as other smoking essentials, and smoke away. We have the best collection of Cheech & Chong glass bongs, pipes, and accessories that you could ever want. Our prime goal is to enable shoppers to get high-quality items of Cheech & Chong online at the best price without any hassle.

Along with premium Cheech & Chong smoking essentials, you can easily qualify for absolutely free delivery by shopping beyond $85 at our bong shop in Vancouver. We entertain customers with appealing Cheech & Chong smoking essentials to level up their smoking experience at all times. You, too, can browse our bong shop Vancouver wide selection of Cheech & Chong glass bong brand new products to pick your favourite smoking stuff without putting a dent in your bank account.

Leading Bong Brands & Accessories

Smoking Accessories & Glass Bongs

Our smoke shop is renowned for providing cannabis-lovers in Vancouver with top-quality bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes, vaporizers, and many more smoking accessories. We offer an exclusive selection of bongs and accessories for modern smokers who want to shop for their desired products on a budget. Be it a Big Bong, Acrylic Bongs, Ceramic Bongs, Convertible Bongs, Dab Rigs Canada, Girly Bongs, Louis Vuitton, Metal Bongs, or Silicone Bongs, here at our smoke shop, you can explore and buy a trendy selection of premium brands bongs and accessories. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned bong expert; you will find what you’re looking for.

From Medium Bongs and Small Bongs to Mini Bongs and Louis Vuitton Theme Bong, we offer a top-tier selection without creating a hole in your pocket. Through our online shop, you can purchase a trendy and exclusive variety of bongs and accessories at an affordable price. Once you purchase your favourite bong or dab rig from our bong shop in Vancouver, your smoking experience will surely enhance

Bong and smoke Shop Vancouver

Why Choose Shop Rite?

Shop Rite is a renowned seller of bongs and pipes in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are committed to delivering top-quality bongs and accessories across Canada. Along with safe delivery right on the doorsteps, we also provide a $7 pack of rolling paper for free with cannabis to ensure maximum satisfaction of buyers. We never disappoint customers with high prices, instead take every measure to offer their desired products on a budget.

At Shop Rite, we ensure to offer the best quality bongs and accessories at competitive prices. If you want to get the highest value for money while shopping for bongs and smoker accessories online, then you will never go wrong with us. We are highly focused on making smoking an easier and more fun-filled experience without creating a hole in the pocket. Our professionals are facilitating smokers through an extensive range of alternatives that are best for pleasure and health.

We Offer the Following Advantages:

  • The Newest Bongs Selection

    Here you can explore and shop for the latest and most innovative collection of bongs and smoking accessories that are hard to get anywhere else. We are dedicatedly offering the newest selection of bongs and smoker accessories in Vancouver at the best prices.

  • Frequent Discounts

    We offer mind-blowing discounts and deals to facilitate smokers to enjoy the high and save big. By registering to our web store, you can get instant notification of specials deals and discount via email.

  • Excellent Prices

    All products we sell here are available in premium quality so that you can enjoy smoking without any regret.

Online smoke shop in Vancouver specializing in bongs

Need More Clean Space? Shoprite Makes it Effortless!

We Bring in New Products Weekly

We know the messy area can give you severe panic. No matter how much you try, you eventually make a mess with ash particles, papers, etc., from joints, half-smoked roaches, and dirty ashtrays. The entire smoking scene can turn your place into a mess.

So, here at Shoprite Smoke Shop, we offer you an all-in-one solution. At our bong shop in Vancouver, we offer you the supreme collection of suitable bongs. These will make it easier to keep your space sparkly clean while smoking cannabis. All you need to do is scrub, rub, wash it like your wine glasses, and Voila!

Perfect Bongs to Enhance Your Cannabis Experience

A Premium Collection of Bongs

Do you spend too much to buy a bottle of wine or a pack of beer every other day? If you are, delve into an exquisite and elite experience. At Shoprite Smoke Shop, we have launched a premium collection of bongs that will enrich your cannabis smoking experience.

In addition to that, our bongs are more affordable and dynamically crafted. Instead of wasting your money, you can make a wise investment. You can also cut down on the amount of cannabis you consume with our high-quality bongs.

bong shop smoke shop in Vancouver Canada

Why Our Bongs Are Healthier?

Meticulously Crafted Bongs

Among a variety of cannabis-consuming methods, our bongs are healthier. Wonder why? Well, our bongs are meticulously crafted to give you a long and toxin-free hit of smoke.

Our bongs come with both large and shorter pipes to make sure you intake cannabis the right way. We design bongs by keeping your health in mind. With the mixture of water vapours in cannabis, the smoke you inhale gets purified and removes toxic substances like acrolein and acetaldehyde hazardous for your lungs.

So, now you know we deliver a healthier cannabis smoking device at your doorstep. Contact us today to get your hands on our finest bongs collection.

The Best-in-Class Selection of Bongs in Vancouver

A Premium Collection of Bongs

Looking for the best bong shop in Vancouver that offers a variety of customized bongs to suit your personality perfectly? Shoprite Smoke Shop is your one-stop shop for the best cannabis smoking solutions. People come to us for expert quality bongs from all over Canada.

For more details, feel free to contact our experts or visit our website for further details.

Best Weed pipes in Vancouver

Huge Selection of Weed Pipes in Vancouver

High Quality Weed Pipes

Shop Rite Smoke Shop is your one-stop-shop for purchasing an extensive range of weed pipes across Vancouver. We take every measure to facilitate customers with the newest variety of top brands of weed pipes at reasonable prices. Whether you want to shop for pipes and bongs or you want to experience the thrill of a Glass Hammer Bubbler Pipe, you can add it to your cart and uplift your smoking experience. Apart from the exclusive selection of weed pipes, we entertain customers through free delivery across Vancouver on all orders above $85.

We accept all major payment methods such as MasterCard and Visa. We enable customers to shop for weed pipes online as well as in physical stores. You can find out about the latest and exclusive selection of top-quality weed pipes by opting for us. Ensure to speak with our customer support staff for any inquiry related to your most desired weed pipes.  Consider us to shop for you most liked weed pipes comfortably from your home or office.

Discover & Shop For Your Favourite Vaporizer

Large Selection of Vaporizers

Here you can explore and purchase a massive array of the latest and stylish vaporizers while living in Vancouver Canada. By shopping here, you can get your favourite vaporizer, dry herbs, oil concentrate, and coils at competitive prices. Shop rite smoke shop offers a big collection of coils which you can use to enjoy smoking alone or with friends. This section has Xmax Vital Dry Herb Vaporizerng, IFOG Vortex Kit, YOCAN hit dry herb vaporizer, and a lot more vaporizer which is hard to get anywhere else. You can shop for luxury and unique oil concentrate vaporizers to double the enjoyment of your smoking scene.

Try to add in cart dry herbs vaporizers if you are planning to experience premium smoking equipment this season. Buy leading brands vaporizer from our online store to have a great shopping experience. As the demand for smoking accessories is increasing every day, we are offering the newest and high-quality range of vaporizers across different categories at an exceptional discount.