Shisha Flavors

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Are you excited to smoke shisha flavors for the first time? At Shop Rite, you will find some of the finest shisha tobacco flavors. So if shisha is what you want to smoke, then you have arrived at the right place.

We have satisfied hundreds of hookah smokers with our variety of flavors. You will experience unique to traditional sensations by choosing our shisha flavors including herbal, vanilla, honey, grapes, and lots more.

What Is Shisha, in the First Place?

Hookah shisha is a mix of tobacco, a binding agent, glycerine, and flavorings. Two kinds of flavored tobacco include blonde tobacco (ideal for people who are new to smoking hookah) and dark tobacco (optimal for people who are used to smoking hookah). Shisha is used for smoking flavored tobacco. Each flavor is different when it comes to smoking hookah; however, the flavors give a hint of tobacco. Shisha is also known by the name of “waterpipe tobacco”.

The Best Flavors to Smoke Shisha

Are you in search of the best flavors to smoke shisha? If yes, then you are lucky that you land here. We shall guide you about the best flavors that you can make the most of to smoke shisha like a champ.

In the past, there were only a few flavors available for smoking shisha, so people did not have loads of options. Today, we have loads of choices, so we can enjoy smoking a variety of shisha flavors.

We have accumulated the names of some of the best flavors for smoking shisha. Those names include apple, peach, mint, papaya, orange, vanilla, and watermelon.

All about Smoking Shisha Flavors

Smoking shisha with the different types of flavors can give smokers a different kind of feeling in terms of tasting sensations. Shisha flavors contain 30% tobacco, so smokers will be getting the taste of it alongside the flavors, such as mint, grapes, vanilla, etc. Smoking the flavors along with the taste of tobacco will provide smokers the feeling of relaxation. Smokers will be feeling refreshing and smoking shisha will be giving them the unique experience of tasting different flavors. Last of all, shisha lovers will be feeling out of this world by trying different flavors with the aid of shisha.