Metal Bongs

Shop Rite Is a Trustworthy Resource for Smokers to Buy Cheaply-Priced Metal Bongs

Metal bongs, as the name indicates are bongs that are made up of the metallic materials. Usually, you will find these bongs made up of brass or aluminum, or stainless steel. Shop Rite is offering top-notch metallic water pipes to smokers.

Canadian smokers trust us when it comes to getting their hands on high-quality metal water pipes in the country. Our metal water pipes are affordably-priced. Therefore, if you are in pursuit of the best metal water pipes for cheap prices, then you can have full faith in our store.

We have satisfied thousands of smokers with our cheaply-priced metal water pipes. Metal bongs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they are available in our store in the following colors: Black, red, purple, blue, and green.

When Should You Choose a Metal Water Pipe?

A metallic water pipe is mostly used for personal smoking, because they tend to heat up quicker than the pipes made up of other materials. A metal pipe is perfect if you are in pursuit of a pipe to smoke by yourself. If you want a pipe to carry with you while traveling, then you should give a try to a metal pipe. Metal water pipes are impossible to break that make them a perfect travel companion of smokers.

How to Smoke a Metal Bong?

You can smoke a metal bong successfully if you follow the following steps:

Step 1: At first, pour water into the tube; make sure you have poured enough water to cover the bottom-third of the downstem.

Step 2: Grind cannabis to a medium-fine grind and pack the bowl. Leave some room for air to pass through.

Step 3: Now place your lips around the mouthpiece and light up the bowl. At the same time, cover the carb hole of a metal bong if there is one to make sure all the smoke flows into your mouth.

Step 4: Take small hits by inhaling the smoke. Exhale as normal

Note: You can make your metal bong hits more pleasant by adding ice or water alternatives, such as tea or fruit juice for a variation.

A Few Benefits of Smoking a Metal Bong

  • A metal bong can be quite affordable.
  • Metal bongs are virtually indestructible