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Here Is How To Keep Your Cannabis Fresh In Vancouver

You are at your friend's place, and you guys decide to get high. You both looked for some weed but had no luck. You guys decided to do something else. But then your friends remember he had a stash stored away. You guys go to his room, and he pulls...
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Here Is How To Save Weed And Your Money In Vancouver?

Making the best of your weed sometimes becomes a challenge. We all are weed users, but somewhere along the line, the speed at which we use our weed becomes questionable, and we are all like, "how the hell did this happen?". No matter how much weed you have, it never...
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Here Is How Long Cannabis Stays Inside Your System In Vancouver?

You are happy about the job you applied for, and you woke up one day and received an email saying they are considering you for the job, but you will have to take a drug test. You think to yourself, “I haven’t smoked in weeks, I should be good,” but...
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How To Clean Your Bong: Your Ultimate Guide In Vancouver 2022

We all know how good it feels to smoke from a bong. It's like taking a huge hit of smooth, refined cannabis straight to the face. But what most people don't realize is just how important it is to clean your bong regularly. Not only does a clean bong make...
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Enhance Your High And Make it Last in Vancouver

If It's like getting high with Michael Phelps, you know you're going to have a good time! Being high is easy, but making it last is what's hard. There are many weed users who are prone to tolerance. This means that after a while, they don't feel the effects of...
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Essential Weed-Related Terms You Should Use in Vancouver

Weed - A magic from the unknown to help us from the unknown. This line might sound like when two high friends are trying to have a conversation, but it actually makes a lot of sense. In the simplest form, a weed is a plant. It can be used for...
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What To Do If You Don’t Have A Weed Grinder in Mississauga

Grinders are necessary for breaking down your weed to use it more easily. They also help create a more uniform smoking experience. If you don't have a weed grinder in Mississauga, there is no need to worry about it because we have some tips that will help you. But if...
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Maximize Your Dabbing Experience With Electronic Dab Rigs in Vancouver

Dabbers are evolving as well as the ways of dabbing. This article will explore everything you need to know about electronic dab rigs in Vancouver. An electronic dab rig, also known as an e-rig, is a battery-powered device that heats a nail to vaporize concentrate. The first e-rigs were large,...
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Best Marijuana Strains and Products That Can Help You Sleep Better in Vancouver

Sleep is the only thing that, if sold on the market, would be the most expensive thing on the face of the earth. It is the most important aspect of our lives. It is something that helps us heal both physically and mentally. A good night's sleep can help improve...
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What Does Generation Opinions Indicate About Weed in Vancouver

Marijuana use is on the rise, and in our society there are different generation opinions about it. Some say that cannabis should be illegal, while others think it's a harmless, fun activity for those who enjoy weed; we'll see what happens over time to change these views! The cultural climate...
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