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Differences Between Pipes and Vaporizers

With more states making cannabis available for medical purposes, recreational use, and home cultivation, pipes and vaporizers have quickly become two of the most popular methods for consuming these beneficial plants. For those looking to explore the world of cannabis and how it is consumed, it’s essential to understand the...
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Pipes for Every Budget: Online Shopping in Canada

Are you looking for the perfect pipe to fit your budget and meet your smoking needs? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you are a new or experienced smoker, shopping online can help you find a wide variety of pipes at any price range. Shopping online means there are...
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Canadian Glass Pipes: A Buyer’s Guide

For many enthusiasts of the smoking lifestyle, it's about finding the best-tasting experience and looking for the perfect piece to complement that experience. When it comes to glass pipes specifically, nothing beats a Canadian Glass pipe. From intelligent designs and high-quality materials to unique shapes and colours, Pipes have quickly...
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Where to Buy the Best Pipes in Canada

When it comes to getting the best from your smoking experience, having a suitable pipe is a must - which means finding the perfect weed pipe for you. Whether you're new to pipes or an experienced smoker, there are plenty of choices when buying a quality product at an affordable...
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7 Things You Should Never do When Rolling a Joint

Rolling a joint might not seem like rocket science, but it's an art that requires the proper technique and a good set of skills. Whether smoking socially with friends or alone at home on your own time, rolling up is one of those activities that instantly elevates cozy vibes in...
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Top 7 Smoking Accessories You Need to Have in 2023

Smoking has been around since ancient times. While the pastime remains a popular activity in many countries today, it musters an entirely different image of sophistication, convenience, and style. Whether you’re an occasional smoker who enjoys leisure time with friends or a vaping enthusiast who loves trying out new flavours,...
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Acrylic Bongs: Why Should You Buy Them?

Are you trying to get the most out of your smoking experience? Then it's time to upgrade with an acrylic bong truly. Acrylic bongs are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason — compared to glass or ceramic pieces, they're significantly more durable, lightweight and can be customized in...
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Top Hookah Flavors You Need to Try

Hookahs have become increasingly popular worldwide. With more people discovering this age-old ritual of inhaling flavoured smoke for relaxation and leisure, there are endless possibilities for trying different hookah flavours. Whether a beginner or an experienced hookah enthusiast, these top hookah flavours will offer something new to your palette! From...
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All the Hookah Accessories You Need For a Great Hookah Session

Are you ready to embark on a journey resulting in perfect and enjoyable hookah sessions? You may think all you need is tobacco, some coals, and a hose, but having the right accessories can either make it a thoroughly enjoyable session or something you may never want to do again....
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Top 8 Hookahs to Gift Your Friend This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about buying thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. If you're looking to surprise a friend with something unique this holiday season, why not consider getting them a hookah? Whether your friend already enjoys smoking or is curious...
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