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Category: Pipes

How To Smoke a Pipe for Beginners

When you are into smoking and would like to smoke a cannabis pipe but have no idea how to do it, it can become quite frustrating. However, smoking a pipe is not very difficult. Once you find out how to do it, you can easily become an expert and enjoy...

Bongs vs. Pipes vs. Joints: What can Get You Higher?

Anything that you smoke like a dope with some fine marijuana can get you high – if you are a beginner unless you are a pothead who has been smoking weed for some time now. You can get high pretty much on anything that has the slightest THC in it....

Cleaning and Caring for Glass Pipes

Those who don’t like to take the simpler route usually smoke their Cannabis in glass pipes. Glass pipe is a generic and broader name for many different settings and equipment. Few of the famous ones are named here, and also we will discuss how to keep them clean. These glass...

Bong, Bubblers, Pipe, or Paper: What Should I Go For?

Marijuana is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. There were various myths attached to it that are subsequently being dismantled. People are gravitating towards it more. And owing to that fact, companies are offering multiple types of products that contain marijuana. But now, the question is: what...

Great Pipes in Canada

Pipes are probably the smallest smoking accessories in existence. You can call them the real MVP of the smoking toolkit. There are those days when you have to really travel light and you still want to take that stoner’s holy grail or at least a piece of it with you...

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