Mini Bongs

Shop Rite Offers Reasonably-Priced Mini Bongs

Mini bongs, as the name indicates are bongs that have reduced sizes. These bongs are ideal for on the go smoking. If you are searching for a mini bong, then you are lucky that you land here. At Shop Rite, you will find your favorite mini bong.

We are known for selling the best collection of mini bongs. We are selling such bongs for a cheap price. So if you want to get your hands on a cheaply-priced mini bong then you can have full faith in us.

We have convinced many customers in the past with our high-quality bongs. The bongs, such as mini at our store are available in the colors, green and blue.

Things to Contemplate While You Buy a Mini Bong

You will uncover the most common features of a bong in a mini bong. If you want to enjoy smoking a mini bong, then you should look for a mini bong that comes with a percolator or an ice catcher. If portability is an issue, then you should go for a mini bong that is, portable.

Step by Step Guide for Smoking a Mini Bong

Here is our step by step guide for you:

Step 1: Most importantly, you should ensure that all parts of your mini bong are clean and intact.

Step 2: Secondly, fill the base of a mini bong with water.

Step 3: Make sure that water is at an ideal level.

Step 4: Now grind your herb, and place it in a bowl.

Step 5: Hold the mini bong with your non-dominant hand, and cover the carb hole with the aid of your thumb.

Step 6: Next, place your lips inside the mouthpiece hole and suck a bit of air.

Step 7: Light up the herb inside the bowl through a lighter. Step 8: Keep your finger on the carb hole, and inhale the smoke by sucking up the water.

Step 9: Keep breathing while feeling relaxed.

Step 10: Remove your thumb from the carb hole, as you get a good drag.

Step 11: Keep smoking and exhale slowly.

Several Benefits of Smoking a Mini Bong

  • A mini bong is much more affordable than a full-sized bong.
  • Mini bongs are easier to clean, and they are portable too.
  • A mini bong helps smokers smoke cannabis while feeling delighted.
  • A mini bong looks cute and adorable.