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Barbara Balanko
Barbara Balanko
2 months ago
Good service. Friendly staff. Owner is very nice and understanding. Good selection of items.
carson rae
carson rae
8 months ago
I’ve had very good experiences with this shop. I recommend this site to everyone and my sister bought her first bong from here. I got a piece for 20$ and only paid 4$ for shipping. I thought because I only paid 4$ I would have to wait a bit for the piece to come, but it came in just a few days. Very fast! That bong later broke and was the last one in stock when I ordered, I contacted the customer service and was immediately responded to by a very very helpful and kind person who tried to work out how to get a replacement for me to buy. I was then emailed when that specific piece was back in! A lot of selection, great prices both for shipping and the piece in general. And amazing customer service to top it off! I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for a piece for cheap, and who wants to know that the customer service team will have their back in case of things going wrong.
Nehal Islam Arko
Nehal Islam Arko
a month ago
Name :Nehal Islam Arko I am a student… From Bangladesh… Need job Whats app:+8801745-267078
Sridhar Pathipaka
Sridhar Pathipaka
5 months ago
Shoprite smoke shop is the corner store where one can find all varieties of bongs, smokes and hookah. Anything related to smoke you name it they have it. The owner is kind and professional. Newbies can find plenty of information on their official website and blogs related how to use, steps to follow and needful precautions. I appreciate their efforts.
Bharath Samreddy
Bharath Samreddy
3 months ago
Associates were very helpful, they helped me a lot with the things.

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Authentic Cheech & Chong Bongs, Pipes and Accessories

Cheech and Chong Bongs Vancouver

Red Eye Glass is always a high-quality experience

Bong Shop Vancouver

Finest Bongs at Affordable Prices in Canada

Buy a bong online in Canada

Anyone who has used a multitude of bongs will tell you that there is nothing like smoking from a premium quality bong. That’s why the obvious choice for most seasoned smokers are the best bongs online that money can buy, and that’s where we come in!

Regardless of where you are in Canada, we sell and deliver some of the best water pipes and bongs in the country. We sell a myriad of water bongs and pipes of varying sizes, shapes, and types, so there is something for everyone. However, the biggest difference-maker here is that, unlike other sellers, you can be assured of premium Bongs of Canada at the most competitive prices. So, you’ll save money when choosing to buy your bongs from us.

Local Headshops Vs. Shop Rite Smoke Shop

Smoking Accessories & Glass Bongs

Your local head shop is pricey, to say the least. The prices can be incredibly high if you’re living in a part of Canada that has only a handful of head shops. The lack of competition drives up the prices, which is unfair for a smoker who wants to enjoy quality, but not have to pay their life’s savings for it.

We, on the other hand, are competitively priced. Most of our bongs are 75% cheaper than what you’ll find at most local head shops. Furthermore, you don’t need to go to a head shop and navigate your way through potentially dozens of low-quality bongs to find the right one. We carry only the best, and because of increasing competition online, especially in the water pipe industry, you can be assured of highly competitive pricing.

Consider us to be your one-stop-shop for all things affordable bong-related. We also sell and ship competitively-priced accessories across Canada, and our customer service is just a click away!

Bong and smoke Shop Vancouver

Why Choose Shop Rite?

We are one of the leading sellers of bongs in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our goal from the very beginning is to deliver the best quality bongs in Canada to your doorstep. We have made sure that buyers no longer need to pay $7 for a pack of rolling paper at their local head shop only to lose them the next day. The convenience of these stores does not mean that they should take advantage of you as a smoker.

At Shop Rite, we believe in keeping our prices to a minimum but our quality to the maximum. Doing that helps us provide buyers with the highest value for money. Our goal of making smoking easier, simpler, more enjoyable, and, most of all, less expensive is one we work towards each day. Our team of professionals are consistently helping us procure the best bongs, incorporate feedback into our service, and offering smokers more extensive alternatives.

We Offer the Following Advantages:

  • The Latest and Best Bongs in Canada

    Many of the bongs you find at Shop Rite aren’t available anywhere else. The same goes for many of our products. 

  • Frequent Discounts

    We run specials that are aimed at helping smokers save money. Registered buyers get informed of these specials via email so that they can take advantage of them right away. 

  • Excellent Prices

    All products sold, i.e., Vaporizers, Grinders, Bongs, Pipes, and other fine smoking accessories like Hookahs, Shisha, Rolling Papers, organic tobacco, cigars are available at excellent prices.

Shoprite Smoke Shop, Online Head Shop

Huge Selection at Competitive Prices

We Bring in New Products Weekly

Shop Rite has been providing buyers with the best local pipes, vaporizers, bongs, and a myriad of other cannabis accessories in Canada for years. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as being highly credible and buyer-oriented. We want our buyers to have the best experience, which is why we work hard to ensure that our online store is graced with the latest and greatest products almost every month.  We ship to our customers across Canada. While delivery times are beyond our control, we aim to ship as soon as a purchase is made. That’s why you can expect to receive your bongs in Canada sooner instead of later compared to purchasing anywhere else.  Email us today to find out more about our bongs, or for a recommendation. We’ll be more than happy to help you make a purchase.