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Bongs or water pipes are filtration devices that are usually used to smoke cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances. Are you searching for a bong in Canada? Are you in the hunt for the best online bong shop in Canada? Then the bong shop that won’t disappoint you is Shop Rite.

We offer the finest collection of water pipes in Canada. At Shop Rite, smokers will find cheap bongs online. So if you are in pursuit of bongs for sale, then our shop will never dissatisfy you.

We have satisfied countless customers in the past with our top-notch water pipes. Our assortment of bongs embraces mini, small, medium, big, convertible, silicon, ceramic, acrylic, and metal.

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Find the Right Bong at Shoprite Smoke Shop

When it comes to leveling up the smoking scene, it is essentials to choose the right bong. If it is a challenging task for you to pick the best from all the different types of bongs, bong sizes, and bong accessories, then you are in the right place. Whether you want to minimize your clouds or you are looking for less harsh rip, read tips shared below to shop for a bong that perfectly fits your needs by learning the different bong types, sizes, and a lot more.

Tip#1: Check the Bong Glass Thickness

Figuring out the glass thickness is crucial as it shows how long your most preferred bong will last. Do keep in mind to opt for a thicker glass that will fit with the environment you are planning to add-in. In case you are willing to keep the bong in a safe place, then you don't need to worry about glass thickness. But if you have planned to enjoy the smoking scene with friends, then you must bring in the thickest glass bong. Bongs are available in various glasses thickness ranges from 2-3mm and 3-5mm to 5-7mm. Do keep in mind the thickest the bong, the tougher to break. The top pick would be any bong above 3.5mm glass thickness to party hard with friends in a hassle-free and fun-filled manner.

Tip#2: Check the Bong Sizes

Mini Bongs

Mini Bongs are the ideal choice for portability and are also considered the best bong for a newbie. Mini bongs are also used as a décor item in rooms due to their compact size. It is also an ideal choice for people who love to smoke while traveling. If you are looking for something that is light in weight and best for the smoking experience, then you should consider Mini bongs. With many pros, there are some cons to purchasing a mini bong, including limited airflow and harsher hits. Due to the mini size of the bong, smoke doesn't have enough room to ensure efficient air circulation. If you are planning to purchase mini bongs, then you must keep enough Ice to cool down the hot smoke for less throat irritation.

Medium Bongs

Medium bongs are the best type of bong that is best for the regular smoke scene. It is the most common type of bong as it fits right in the center of small and big sizes. If you want to leverage from a high functionality bong, then you will never go wrong with the medium-sized bong. Medium bongs are travel friendly because it is slightly bigger than mini one and noticeably shorter than large bongs.

Large Bongs

The large bongs are a trendy option for individual use. It is the perfect bong for experienced people who want to purchase professional cannabis accessories that offer optimum airflow and smoke filtration. The large-sized bongs are not travel-friendly. However, you can keep them in a secure place at home to access on a regular basis. They are a better choice than medium and small bongs because of their smoother and tastier hits which reduce throat/lung irritation as well.

Tip#3: Check the Joint Sizes & Types

Usually, bongs are available in two common joint sizes are 14mm and 18mm. Make sure to buy a bong with the same size joints so that you can find alternatives if you break a slide or downstream. Below are the two types of joint sizes:

Male Joint

The male joint bong connects with female accessories that have a wider opening.

Female Joint

The female joint bong conned with male accessories that inserted onto the joint perfectly.

Acrylic Bongs Vs Ceramic Bongs Vs Silicone Bongs: Which is the best option?

As an avid smoker, it is vital to consume sufficient time to pick the right bong materials. With the perfect bong glass, you can always get higher while smoking with friends or alone. The bong comes in certain materials offers different functions as well as benefits to smokers. Whatever bong you select, ensure it suits your budget and lifestyle so that you can have fun with your friends without a hitch. Don't miss to communicate with our customer support representative if you wish to learn more about any specific type of bong. We welcome clients to share feedback every day through calls and email. We bet by leveraging the bong offered by our store, you can experience next-level smoking without creating a hole in your pocket. Let's go through the most popular bong material shared below.

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are the most trendy bong material among PRO and beginner smokers. This type of bong is easily utilized by seasoned smokers due to its cleanest-tasting hits. A great chunk of glass bongs are made via borosilicate glass because of extraordinary features like more resistant, thermal shock and temperature control. Glass bong offers perfect durability and versatility to smokers who want to party hard all the time. If you are looking for a bong that stands out from the rest, then you must opt for a glass bong. It offers a creative room for adding multi cannabis accessories. On the other end, there are some drawbacks as well for purchasing glass bongs as they are easily breakable and a bit more expensive. But if you are planning to purchase a luxury and unique bong, then investing in glass bong is a worthy decision.

Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic bongs are cost-effective and come in a great selection of shapes and fun shades to revitalize the smoking experience. However, Acrylic is not recommended for a high-quality smoking experience. If you are a seasoned smoker, then this will be the right type of bong for you. It is not an ideal choice for smokers who want to add versatile smoking accessories to experience the next level of enjoyment. The main reason behind this is plastic material that affects the smoking experience. If you are also willing to purchase a bong that is fewer in price best for style, then you should add in cart acrylics one. If not, you will miss a great chance to fulfill your passion in a pocket-friendly way.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic Bongs are an extremely durable and reliable type of bong that can ace the goals of smokers exceptionally. It is one of the best types of bongs in terms of neutral-tasting hits. It is the oldest type of bongs and used by passionate people for centuries. Ceramic bongs last for decades due to their intricate parts. However, it can break if not handled properly. They have an excellent ability to manage ups and downs in temperatures as compare to glass. Bongs that are made with ceramic can offer neutral flavour and smooth hits to avid to level up the smoking scene. By shopping for ceramic bongs, you can elevate your smoking experience without any hassle.

Silicone Bongs

The extreme customization, price, durability, and performance have made silicone bong a perfect choice for leveling the high smoking scene. If you are willing to purchase a cheap bong that is easy to maintain and lasts longer, then you will never go wrong with silicone bongs. You can easily clean it with a dishwasher due to its soft and malleable material. It is a go-to option for travelers who wish to enjoy smoking on the go. They have the potential to tackle extremely high and low temperatures with no hassle. Now that you have gained knowledge related to different types of bongs, it's time to pick bongs that perfectly suits your preferences from our bong shop.

Which Is The Best Bong For Beginners?

For beginners, Shop Rite Smoke Shop offers a massive selection of bongs that comes with various smoking accessories, including a downstem, glass chamber to ensure you get maximum satisfaction. Glass bongs offer the best experience to beginners due to their clean and smooth tasting hits. On the other hand, silicone is durable and provides smooth bong hits with fewer breakage. You can easily make your mind consider a bong that has features you need. Further, you can add more smoking accessories like rolling papers, hand and water pipes to revive your overall smoking experience like a PRO. As a newbie, you can opt for a bong that can make it easy for you to kick start smoking in a hassle-free manner. By shopping for a bong that consists of a glass chamber, ice catcher, and downstem, you can overcome all issues related to additional pieces that are necessary to include. In addition, opt for a bong that suits your budget to enjoy weed-smoking without creating a hole in your pocket. We've listed down massive types of bongs that you can purchase from our online store for the remarkable smoking session. For more information regarding any type of bong, you can communicate with our best support team.

Get Higher When Smoking With an Exclusive Range of Bongs

Shop Rite Smoke Shop is the top-tier store in Canada offering premium and exclusive bongs at amazing prices. Whether you are willing to purchase a transparent bong with Ice catcher or you want to colour bong, we offer top choices to meet all your needs at a huge discount. From black, red, yellow bong to Xtreme (green bong) and kush pink bong, you can purchase any of your desired light or dark shade bong from here. We are focused on offering a trendy selection of bongs under one roof.

Our online shop carries a popular variety of bongs so that you can enjoy your shopping as well as the smoking process. Don't forget to visit us regularly to make the most out of your smoking time with a trendy collection of bongs and accessories. We take every measure to makes the online shopping experience more convenient for bong lovers by offering the finest array of bongs on a single platform. By purchasing your favourite metal bong above $85, you can get free shipping. In a nutshell, Shop Rite Smoke Shop is the ideal choice for budget-friendly online bong shopping. Apart from a wide variety of smoking accessories, we offer secure payment methods to introduce new smoking accessories to your table without creating a hole in your wallet. With our secure payment option, we enable you to make online payments through Visa and MasterCard. Now take a deep dive into our selection of bongs to benefit from a great savings opportunity on your required products.

Convertible Bongs

The shop rite smoke shop is the ultimate platform to purchase a vast range of classy and adorable convertible bongs in Canada. Whether you are a smoking lover or want to look stylish while smoking, we are offering the latest selection of convertible bongs to elevate your style in no time. From the most luxurious Aqua Blue Bong to Cute Convertible Bong, here you can buy your most liked bong under one roof by shopping here. We provide premium quality convertible bongs at a pocket-friendly price so that you can enjoy smoking with no haste. If you aim to purchase the most fashionable convertible bongs at the best deals and discounts, then you must browse our web store. This way, you will not only make the most of your smoking session but also experience incredible savings. If you wish to save more money, but can't refrain from buying cannabis accessories, then we have good news for you. From our bong shop, you can buy a massive selection of high-quality glasses, rolling papers, and a lot more smoking accessories at prices that are hard to get anywhere else. Feel free to communicate with our best customer service team to avoid the burden of extra charges on you.

Girly Bongs

If you want to save a big amount on the most style range of girly bongs in Canada, then you must explore our online store. With a core goal of optimum customer satisfaction, we provide unique and elegant girly bongs at a huge discount. At Shop Rite Online Store, you can not only purchase a huge variety of fascinating girly bongs to level up your weed consumption. We enable weed lovers to save a huge amount of money by purchasing girly bongs from our store at incredible rates. You just need to browse our girly bongs selection to get it delivered on your doorsteps in a few taps. Here we are facilitating online shoppers with a high-end website so that they can smoke alone or with friends in a pleasant way. Our team takes every step to offer the most demanding girly bongs at un-unbelievable discounts. So consider us If you are looking for a stunning girly bong that is available at an exceptional discount. Explore our girly bong selection right away to ace all your goals related to smoking with no hassle. Here you can shop for your desired bong essentials that are required for the preparation of cannabis at discounted prices. You can experience additional savings with us while shopping for your required bong accessories.

Louis Vuitton Theme Bong

Shop rite smoke shop is the famous destination for accomplishing all your requirements related to Louis Vuitton Theme Bong. We offer a massive collection of Louis Vuitton Theme Bong from a wide variety of colours, sizes and styles across multiple cities in Canada. From trendy Louis Vuitton theme, Gold Beaker Bong and Louis Vuitton Themed bong blue Medium to Louis Vuitton theme white Beaker Bong, we have got covered everything. You will be glad to know that we are well known for the affordable pricing of items that is available in several categories and sub-categories of our store. Smoke lovers from Canada have an opportunity to browse through diverse collections of Louis Vuitton Themed bong. You can either shop from our online or physical store for a seamless shopping experience. Our website allows seasonal and pro smokers to flawlessly navigate and shop their desired Louis Vuitton Themed bong with ease. You can find a massive range of smoking and cannabis accessories on our mega deals to save more in almost every category. Apart from the latest selection of bongs, we offer a big saving opportunity on the high-quality shopping glass for every special occasion. Browse our newest selection of bong accessories to save every penny wisely.

Metal Bongs

You don't need to go anywhere else to buy metal bongs at the best price. Our store has got all of them, and you can shop for your most liked metal bong to have more fun while smoking with friends or loved ones. You can pick metal bongs from a vast range of sizes to enjoying shopping like never before. Here smoking lovers can purchase metal bong in premium quality and different styles, including but not limited to Metal Bong Black, Metal Bong Purple, Metal Bong Green, Metal Bong Red, Metal Bong Blue, and a lot more. No matter if you wish to give a makeover to your home or you want to level up your smoking experience, Shop Rite Smoke Shop has covered all the necessary bongs for you. By understanding your concerns, we offer a giant collection of modern metal bongs at a pocket-friendly price. We accept all major payment options, including Visa and MasterCard, to offer you maximum protection and satisfaction while purchasing bong in Canada. If you want to enjoy festivities with exclusive rolling papers and bong accessories, then you must shop everything from our online store. From high-quality glasses to the cheapest bong, we offer a mega discount on every category from all top brands throughout the year.

Small Bongs

Shop Rite smoke shop is the popular destination where you can buy the best quality small bongs that have been tested by qualified manufacturers. We have a massive selection of bestseller small bongs which you can purchase in your desired colours and styles effortlessly. Our online store has a great collection of small bongs from top manufacture at an exclusive discount. If you are looking for an easy and secure platform to online buy small bongs, then you must discover our bong shop. Here you can purchase all the small bongs of your choice with additional savings. For bigger savings on all your favourite small bongs bulk orders, don't miss to chat with our customer support representative. You can leverage secure payment options with our online store.

How to Smoke like a PRO from a Bong

Suffice to say that smoking a bong for the first time can be a never-wracking task. But by learning the right steps anyone can smoke like a PRO. Whether you are a newbie to the bong smoking world or you want to follow the appropriate process to smoke anything out of a bong, you can explore smart tricks to experience a stress-free and enjoyable smoking session. Let's have a look below to prepare and utilize bong in the best way possible.

1. Add Appropriate Amount of Water

One of the best ways to smoke like a PRO is to appropriately prepare your bong by adding the bong with bottled or tap water according to the size of the bong. Make sure to add the water no more than one inch until it reaches above the tip of the downstem. Try your best to fill the water directly into the open section of the bong. In case you fill more water than the standard size it will get splashed while smoking cannabis.

2. Prepare Your Marijuana

By utilizing your fingers, a set of scissors, or a blender you can finely grind up your marijuana. If you're making use of a blender, take the cover off and also location 2 or 3 buds of marijuana in between the machine. Shut the cover and blend up the marijuana inside.

3. Place the Marijuana in The Bong Dish

Take the big items of marijuana you establish apart and place them in the dish initially. Do not load the marijuana tightly as air will not go through it. If the marijuana looks weighed down or compressed in the dish, utilize a paper clip to mix it up and also loosen it. If you're going to enjoy it alone, leave the dish half empty. You can use more later on. If you're smoking with friends, load the dish so the marijuana comes near the edge of the dish. Do not load it more than a specified limit or it will fall from the tray.

4. Lights the Bong

Don’t forget to sit right into a comfy place with the bong especially when you are new to the smoking scene. Try to bring the table or stand near you to enjoy the bong with no hassle. By doing this you can also set the bong down in case of coughing. Remove all flammable stuff that is located around you. Hold the lighter carefully and light it with your thumb. Keep your fingers covered around the lighter so they do not obtain shed. Turn the lighter on its side as well as bring the fire to the dish.

5. Do Some Warm-Up

Take a couple of deep breaths to fill your body with oxygen. It will certainly make it simpler to breathe in all the smoke from the bong, and also you will not cough very often. Utilize the mouthpiece. Your lips have to be inside the mouthpiece as well as the edge of the mouthpiece has to be pushed around your mouth so that smoke does not leave.

Benefits of Using a Bong

Nothing can offer you a smooth smoking experience like a bong. Bongs are ideal for smoking culture because of their exceptional features. Whether you are exploring new ways to enjoy smoking cannabis or you want to make the most out of your natural herbs, you can invest in several bongs to smoke in a variety of ways to meet all your needs. For your sake, we have highlighted the major benefits of bongs that you can unveil by looking below. From smoother hits to superior filtration, personalization, and unlimited fun, there is an extensive list of benefits that are associated with different types of bongs that we are offering here at shop rite smoke shop.

1. Bongs Offer Smoother Hits

The prime reason to use bong is smoother hits that minimize irritation in the throat when smoking cannabis. With joints, blunts, or dry pipes, bongs help to prevent smoke enters directly into the smoker's lungs. If you are a newbie to the smoking scene and want to avoid an unpleasant burning feeling then you must opt for a bong. By using a bong, you can easily cool down smoke in the bong water and inhale it smoothly. However you might cough while using a bong as well, but anyway bong is a healthier choice than smoking.

2. Superior Filtration

Bong plays a key role to minimize the impact of carcinogens and other toxins that are present in smoke. When you use a bong you can comparatively reduce the number of harmful elements that negatively affect your lungs. This is because the bong helps to filter it through the tap or bottled water. Through bongs filtration, smokers can minimize the impact of nasty products of combustion, including tar and ash. If you want to smoke herbs in a pleasant way then you must add in the cart a bong that matches your needs. This way you will not only keep the tar particles stay in the water but also experience a cleaner smoking experience. Don’t miss adding an ash-catcher attachment to your cart to enjoy smoking with bong in the best way possible.

3. Bongs Minimize Mold & Bacteria

Bongs helps to keep bacteria and mold on the side to lower the number of microbes that smokers inhale. By using a bong, you can speedily filter a great chunk of contaminants and stops them to enter your lungs. Ensure to change the water as much as you can between smoking sessions to get the most benefits from your bong. Further, you can perform a weekly deep cleaning session by using alcohol and Epsom salt to kill bacteria. If you smoke bong with friends, don’t miss cleaning the mouthpiece with an alcohol swab before passing it to another smoker to prevent diseases. This is because bong users usually share joints, pipes, and bongs which can pass illness if not cleaned properly.

4. Leverage Bigger Hits

Whether you want to use a glass bong or ceramic bong, you can experience comparatively bigger hits. This is because bong is the only equipment that empowers smokers to leverage a massive rip. If you are a PRO smoker and want to enjoy bigger hits, ensure to fill the container with smoke and have it all in one hit. Do remember strong hits aren’t suitable for health especially while you are consuming an herb. Although bigger hits are best for fun they can affect your lungs in a negative manner. Usually, newbie only takes a few bong rips to get the smoking fun started. However, it is vital for new users to should enjoy smoking with caution when it comes to bigger hits.

5. Bongs Are Best For Party

Bongs are the best option for partying alone or with a crowd of friends. It will not only entertain you with powerful hits but also allow you to share pleasure with your friends in an equipment manner. If you are willing to shop for an excellent alternative to traditional smoking for parting with your friends, then bongs are highly recommended. As bongs are available in versatile designs and material, you can purchase one that fits well your party area to entice everyone. For theme-based parties, we offer a great range of bongs that you can order in your desired colours or style in a stress-free manner. The moldable feature of bongs glass plays a key part to personalize it in an artistic manner in a vast range of shapes.