Medium Bongs

Shop Rite Knows That Medium-Sized Bongs Are Just Right for Smokers

Medium-sized or medium bongs are just right when it comes to bongs. So if you are looking for a bong that is neither too big nor too small, then you should consider buying medium-sized water pipes. Shop Rite is the best destination for you if you are in pursuit of medium-sized bongs.

Smokers in Canada recognize us as the seller of the best collection of medium water pipes in the country. Our medium water pipes are justly priced. You can have full faith in Shop Rite if you are after the high-quality yet affordable medium bong.

We have won the hearts of many customers by selling top-notch medium bongs to them. Medium-sized bongs in our store are available in the following colors: Light blue, black-red, black, blue-black, and white-red.

Choosing a Medium-Sized Bong

If a glass piece measures between eighth (8) to fourteen (14) inches, then you can be assured that you are buying a medium-sized bong. Medium water pipes should fit easily into the majority of backpacks and tote bags. They are portable, and they have great potency, so smokers will never feel disappointed while buying or smoking such bongs.

How to Smoke a Medium Bong?

You will need to follow the following steps to smoke a medium bong successfully:

Step 1: Clean your bowl and mouthpiece first. Then fill your bong with about an inch of fresh water and make sure that the stem is partially submerged.

Step 2: Before start smoking, you will have to grind up some weed. Use a grinder to grind your weed.

Step 3: Put the weed that you have ground in the bowl.

Step 4: Make sure that you put your finger on the carb hole, place your mouth over the mouthpiece. Also, ensure that your lips go inside of the water chamber.

Step 5: Spark the corner of the carb hole and inhale.

Step 6: Once smoke fills the bowl, remove your finger from the carb hole. Then proceed to inhale the rest of the smoke and enjoy the flavor.

Some Benefits of Smoking a Medium Bong

  • If you want to carry bong with you while traveling, then the medium-sized bongs will never disappoint you.
  • Medium bongs are very durable, thus they last long.
  • Smokers will have the best smoking experience while smoking a medium-sized bong.