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Shop the Right Dab Rig at Shoprite

Before you begin to browse through all the options for dab rigs, have a look at these awesome tips for buying the dab rig that is made just for you.

Tip#1: Choose a product that suits your THC needs

If you are a novice cannabis consumer, you can consider our basic Dab Rig. This one comes with a glass nail and a globe top, which you can change with a 14 mm high-quality Quartz female banger at a later stage. You will get to know about many dab rig accessories that can further enhance your concentrate smoking experience.

Tip#2: Choose the right Oil Concentrate

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, there is such a huge variety that can overwhelm anyone easily. However, you can choose from one of the best oil concentrates available in the market, all under one shop – Shoprite. These concentrates and extracts come in a variety of THC concentrations and potencies. You can go with the minimum potency available for a good start with dab rigs.

Tip#3: Handpick the right accessories

Once you know how to go about your dab rig, you will instantly want more options and flexibility. And to take care of that, Shop Rite brings you a plethora of accessories to choose from. You can discover the finest collection of dab rig accessories right here.

What exactly is a Dab Rig?

This section will serve as a complete guide for those who have no idea what a dab rig is. Even those experienced cannabis consumers who know it all can benefit from this detailed guide. Let's begin with the basics.

In appearance, a dab rig is very similar to water pipes or bongs. And in function, a dab rig resembles vaporizers and bongs. And that is the reason dab rigs have many names such as oil rig, wax rig, concentrate pipes, etc. But do these names change something in a dab rig, or do these names point to different shapes and types of dab rigs? To some extent, Yes! A dab rig with the most fundamental parts only and is used for vaporizing concentrate can be called a concentrate pipe. The one that is used for burning and then vaporizing the wax can be referred to as wax rig, and so on. Now, let's find out how exactly dab rig differs from a vaporizer, a bong, and a water pipe.

Bongs Vs. Dab Rigs

The first difference between a bong and a dab rig is the form of cannabis. You consume the cannabis flower in a bong by combustion method. Where you need to light the herb of your choice with a butane lighter and consume its smoke. The smoke is filtered through water or other bong-water alternatives before you inhale it. While in a dab rig, you consume the vapour of the concentrate, extract, shatter, wax, or oil concentrate. You consume it by heating and converting the concentrate into its vapours using a butane lighter – no combustion, only vaporization.

Vaporizers Vs. Dab Rigs

Technically a dab rig is also a vaporizer. You vaporize the concentrate or the oil extract through a butane lighter and then consume its vapours. But the difference comes when we look at what can be consumed and what can not be consumed through both of these cannabis delivery methods. Using a modern electronic vaporizer, you can either go with dry herbs or oil concentrates. You can also consider a vaporizer as an ideal medicinal marijuana device because you get to choose a temperature. Selecting a range of temperatures electronically enables you to use it as a perfect aid for medicinal marijuana because it is important to maintain temperatures between 180 and 200o C for consuming marijuana as a medicine. Increasing temperature any more than this range means a different outcome from the trichomes. Remember, you can make use of the trichomes only in the flower form of your cannabis. Whereas in a dab rig, you don't have a choice for dry herbs. While you may not be interested in vaporizing dry herbs, you cannot control the temperature in a regular dab rig. But who needs all of these luxuries when a dab rig alone is enough to make you high like a kite.

Get the best Dab Rig Accessories at Shop Rite

Once you start enjoying dab rigs, there is no way you can ignore the essentiality of the dab rig accessories. Shop Rite brings you a wide range of all the dab rig accessories you can choose from for an enhanced dab rig experience.


An electronic nail is the accessory of a dab rig that can enable you to control the temperature in your dab rig. The very limitation of a dab rig used to be the inability to control its temperature. And now, with an e-nail, you can forget about that limitation too. You can dab your dab rig with this e-nail that can be connected right to the dab rig's body. Shop Rite has e-nails in all materials, including genuine quartz, ceramic, or titanium. People usually ask if using an e-nail is safe with a dab rig. The answer depends on your usage. If you attach the e-nail with your dab rig and then leave it on for a while without dabbing it, then it can cause serious damage as it can overheat quickly. So, to use it safely, make sure you have an experienced friend who knows how to make the most of these dab rig accessories.

Dab Tool (Wand)

To dab your dab rig right, you need the right dab tool (no, it's not a tongue twister). A dab tool is sometimes called a wand. It is a simple tool used to pick the concentrate, resin, shatter or any other extract that you use with your dab rig and place it on your dab nail. You need quite steady hands to perform the dab in the right way. With some experience, you will be able to dab your dab rig in the way your friends will be amazed. And to give you a pleasing dab rig experience, you get all the high-quality dab rig accessories right here at Shop Rite – your all-in-one head shop. Titanium Nails

Most people ask whether they can use a titanium nail with their glass rig or glass dab rig. The one answer is YES! Not only that you CAN use a titanium nail, but you must try it once. Titanium nails are the ultimate hack to discover the full potential of your dab rig. The flavour that you can extract from your cannabis wax or concentrate using a titanium nail is just great. Also, it heats better than an ordinary glass nail, and it can retain heat for a long time. Although you will see some residue on your metal nail after frequent use, it's super easy to clean it away. We have the finest quality of titanium nails, and the genuineness of the material is 100% guaranteed.


Now, what can be better than vaporizing your favourite wax oil rig on a Quartz or Titanium banger? Shop Rite has a complete variety of bangers in all high-quality materials. These bangers can be easily attached to your glass rigs, and you can torch them up nicely. If you are a beginner, a female banger is what you need for your oil dab rigs. It is deep enough to reduce the chances of dropping any of your concentrates down. Bangers are very easy to use and come in various shapes and sizes. And you can get the best bangers right here at your online head shop. Shop Rite is considered one of the most reliable and high-quality dab rig accessory retailers in Canada.

Carb Caps

A carb cap is to dab rig what a carburetor is to a car's engine – it controls the airflow. Carb caps are essential for all levels of cannabis smokers. They are ideally required when you are dabbing a rig on a domeless nail or a banger with a short boundary line. Carb caps help to control the airflow by merely restricting it. It also regulates the heat by trapping it inside the cap. That way, you can enjoy a full flavour of your favourite concentrate by vaporizing it at a lower temperature. Carb caps are also vital in preserving the quality and flavour of the concentrate. So, you can order one of these carb caps from the dab rig accessories section and make your high sessions much more enhancing right away.


Now, this is the part where the fun of the dab rig begins. There is literally no fun in dabbing a rig if the accompanying torch is not good. We have the most incredible designs in torches that are ideal for dabbing the rig like a pro. You can browse through the dab rig accessories to find the best torches out there. Once you have a look at our Special Military Grenade like torch, you can't stop yourself from ordering it. To cater to a larger segment of marijuana consumers, we have various torches that range from the most decent and elegant designs to the hippest and trendy styles.

Oil Reclaimers

Now you can reclaim all that decarboxylated oil from your glass rig with our premium quality oil reclaimers. It is not just another fancy attachment to your fancy dab rig. An oil reclaimer is an essential part of a dab rig. It serves its purpose by collecting the runny concentrate and the condensed vapours. Since no stoner lets their good marijuana concentrate go to waste, it is great to have an oil reclaimer attached at the top of your rig's nail or banger. When it comes to the variety of oil reclaimers, Shop Rite has got it all. You can find oil reclaimers here with both male and female attachment dropdowns.

How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates using a Dab rig

Dabbing rig is not something that comes to someone intuitively. Of course, you can get your own apparatus and everything, but if you have no idea how to start, you will be struggling with it for a while. That is why Shop Rite brings you an essential guide on how you can dab that potent THC in a Shop Rite's wax rig or oil rig. In addition, you can consider calling a bunch of friends over who may have some experience with dabbing. Because trying to dab the rig the right way on your own for the very first time can be difficult. However, here are the steps to do it properly.

Step#1: Get your Dab Rig Starter Kit

First things first, to begin the dabbing, you will need a perfect dab rig starter kit. This kit will include dab bong, dabber, dab nail, torch, and a good concentrate—all of which you can get shipped to you for free from Shop Rite.

Step#2: Fill the Chamber with Water

Okay, this is a no-brainer, but you will need to check if the water you fill in your dab rig's chamber is in the right amount. It should not be too low and also not very full. The key is to try and blow into the downstem of the dab rig and see if you can make any bubbles easily. If the water simply splashes back, pour some water out of it.

Step#3: Prepare your Dab Nail for its first use

The thing with a brand new dab nail is that it leaves out some traces of the material upon heating. So, to avoid that addition of impurity to your concentrate, you need to season that dab nail well. Especially if you are using any metal dab nail such as a titanium one, you need to heat it until it gets red hot. This process will make the dab nail ready for its first use without any traces of the material leaching.

Step#4: Torch the Nail but don't Crack it

It's time to heat your nail (assuming that you have already seasoned the nail as described in step#3). But be very careful while heating the nail, especially if it is a glass one. Even if it is quartz, you may still crack it with too much intense heating. So, keep the heating moderate and wait for at least 30 seconds after the nail is hot enough. When you are using the torch on the nail, make sure it is facing away from the dab rig because that is also made out of glass.

Step#5: Load the Dabber with Concentrate or Oil

If you prefer using concentrate or wax with your dab rig, you need to pick up a minimal amount with the wand or dabber. Make sure you only take a tiny amount as it goes a long way in the dab rig. If you are using an oil rig, you can take a little more than that concentrate because there is a lot of difference in vaporizing the oil versus the concentrate.

Step#6: Hit the Dab

Now it's time to inhale the vapours filling up the glass as the concentrate or oil melts on the bander or nail. You can continue to inhale until there are no more vapours trapped inside the dab rig chamber. The perfect dab is when you are able to inhale all the produced vapours without much effort. The vapours should come out easily. And the trick to do that right is the right amount of concentrate or oil on the perfectly heated banger or nail.

How to clean your dab rig?

People often struggle with their dab rig's cleaning and maintenance. Some of the marijuana enthusiasts ever opt for a dab rig just because of the typical maintenance thing. But in reality, it's much easier to keep your dab rig clean and tidy. The first thing you need to understand about cleaning your dab rig is the usage of the reclaimed oil. No matter how careful you get with your dab rig, there will be reclaimed oil in the reclaimer at the end of your dab rig session. Don't let this residual oil go to waste. Since this oil is completely decarboxylated, you can use it in cooking any THC-infused edibles. If you don't need that residue at all, then you can simply scrape it off with your dabber.

So, the key to getting all the residue out of the dab rig is to use hot water. Before moving to the second step, which is the soaking of your dab rig apparatus in the isopropyl alcohol solution, you can rinse it thoroughly in hot water. Make sure the water is hot enough to loosen up that sticky shatter inside the dab rig. After five to six minutes of rinsing all the apparatus with hot water, you will have a dab rig ready to be cleaned.

Now, you need to mix some isopropyl alcohol and salt in water and prepare a solution. Once the solution is ready, soak everything in it and let it rest for quite a while. If you have used your dab rig recently, you will only need to leave it in the alcohol solution for 2 to 4 hours. If you notice that the shatter is still there, you can leave it in the solution overnight.

To clean the tricky parts of your dab rig, it's best to dip a q-tip in the same alcohol solution and then use it on these parts. You can easily get to the joints and turning points of your glass dab rig with a q-tip in your hand.

How High can you get with a Glass Dab Rig?

Whether it's the look of the dab rig apparatus or the usage of THC concentrate in it, that makes some novice cannabis consumers all skeptical about it. Yes, we agree that you cannot just jump onto a dabbing rig from smoking a joint, but trying it occasionally is fun. Now the question is, how high can you get with a dab rig?

First of all, your high depends on how you dab. If you are dabbing for the first time, you will waste quite a lot of concentrate before anything actually enters into your system. But as soon as that super concentrated THC gets into the bloodstream, you get high like never before. The high you get with a dab rig is so intense that you cannot tell if it's day or night after that sudden rush of intoxication.

There are many places in the world where still many cannabis products are legal except the dab rig. The closest thing to an old-school glass rig loaded with all the Shop Rite's dab rig accessories is a bong. But again, you get to smoke the dry herb or your flower in a bong, unlike a dab rig where you vaporize the concentrate. Although the mechanical dab rigs have already been remodeled into electric vaporizers, they are still in high demand. People who know how to dab high rig hits can never compromise on the same dose of THC with any other vaporizing system than their oil dab rig.

To enjoy your intense dose of high even more, you can have a look at our premium range of coolest dab rigs.

Can Dabbing cause Psychosis?

A question that is usually associated with dab rigs – can dab rigs cause Psychosis? Well, the answer is usually No but sometimes Yes. There are some conditions under which dabbing can cause a lack of perceptiveness or dissociation or paranoia. The first condition is when you use an unauthorized, homemade, or somewhat questionable concentrate with your dab rig. We know that dab rig works by vaporizing the THC concentrates. If there is any contamination, such as the presence of butane, pesticide, or any other impurity, the results will obviously be unpleasant.

The second condition under which a regular glass rig can cause Psychosis is the overdose of the dab. Although you may have heard many people saying that one cannot overdose on marijuana, don't believe them. And to bust this myth completely, allow us to inform you that dab rig is the same apparatus that can cause an easy overdose. Other cannabis delivery methods can barely cause any such condition since they deal with the dry herb, flower, or strain. But with THC concentrate, a dab rig has the full potential to cause paranoia by overusing it. So, the best way to keep things pleasant is to use your dab rig with the precaution of moderate usage.

To avoid any side effects of a dab rig, you can order the highest quality THC concentrates from the Shop Rite – your all-in-one online headshop.

Dab Rigs are the Ultimate Life-Changers

It's a common misunderstanding about dab rigs that they are for recreational purposes only. Dab rigs can be an excellent source for vaporizing CBD concentrates or tinctures. You can even use your oil rig for vaporizing CBD oil. Just like when you need an intense buzz of the THC and you dab, you can do the same with CBD. We already know how CBD can take care of many symptoms ranging from muscle pains, joint pains, muscle spasms, body ailments, etc. A high dose of CBD can be administered by dabbing the CBD concentrate. In many cases where nothing seems to work for overcoming someone's seizures or other similar symptoms, a dab rig with CBD oil or concentrate can do wonders.

Dab Rigs and Tolerance Breaks

What is the importance of a tolerance break when you use a dab rig? To understand the effectiveness of a tolerance break with dab rigs, we first need to explore a tolerance break. Whenever you put any THC in your system, the endocannabinoids (potential cannabis receptors in our nervous system) get attached to the cannabinoids present in marijuana. The high that you feel comes from this scientific process, the detail of which we are avoiding not to bore you. Once you have your receptors activated, the more THC you consume, the more relax these receptors get. With heavy usage of marijuana, a user can easily lose the essence of getting high because of THC saturation in the system. This is where the application of a tolerance break comes in. as the name suggests, you have to give yourself a break from the THC to reduce the tolerance that your body has developed for THC. With more and more usage of THC regularly, our brain stops reacting to the cannabinoids the way it used to in the initial days. To recover this, you need a tolerance break.

Now let's move the discussion of tolerance breaks with dab rigs. Although it is not at all recommended to use a dab rig daily, if someone is doing it, they must practice proper tolerance breaks. Otherwise, you can become highly dependent on THC. In addition, the abuse of THC concentrates through dab rigs can cause some severe and long-lasting cerebral disorders. To ensure that you always get the same old high as your first time, Shop Rite brings you the purest THC concentrates. When you use these concentrates with proper tolerance breaks, you can make each dab rig session worth it.

What's the ideal temperature for Dabbing?

There is a lot of science involved in an ideal temperature for dabbing. And thankfully, we are already through the times when the dab rigs were supposed to be used on a red hot metallic nail with all types of impurities on it. The entry of glassware into cannabis and then using quartz-like materials has busted the myth of high temperatures being ideal for dab rigs. Nowadays, dabbing is done with moderate to low temperatures because people know now about its benefits. When you dab your THC concentrate at a relatively lower temperature, you can actually collect all the essential vapours right from the start. And that is all you need in a dab rig – some fine vapours of that fine THC concentrate.

Dab Rigs and Weed Games

If you are thinking about taking your dab rig to the weed games night or not, listen, just take it with you. Dab rigs can be the real game-changers in weed games. When you plan a fun weed night with your pot buddies, it is best to have as many varieties of cannabis delivery systems as easily possible. You cannot imagine how much fun a dab rig can add to the already charged-high pot session since dab rigs can take you to the moon with just one hit. It's fun to keep the dabbing as a punishment for the loser in every round. Just like in drinking games, the person who loses has to take a shot. You can do this with the dab rig. Here are a couple of suggestions for weed games to play with dab rigs.

Never Have I Ever

It is a drinking game, but what does it matter whether you take a shot or a dab. When you are with your dabbing buddies, this game can be really fun revealing some of the secrets. Once everything is set, anyone from the group can start. The first person will say, "Never have I ever, followed by an action." Then whoever has done it will dab. Although we have recommended this game with bong previously, after listening to all the fun stories from the dabbers about their experience, dab rig can be great for this weed game. By the end of this game, everyone who may have scored low will actually be extremely high.


Those who want to pay their tribute to the legendary Medusa can try playing this game on the dabbing night. The game is simple and fun. Whoever gazes into the eyes of Medusa will turn to "stone" (as in, will dab to get stoned). First, you need to gather in a circle while sitting or standing, whichever is suitable, and then start. Anyone can count to three, and then everyone will look up and gaze right into the eyes of the person next to you (either left or right). When you look up and turn around, you are safe if you are looking at a person who is facing someone else. But if you are looking directly at someone who is also facing you, then both of you get to dab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Use a Dab Rig?
A1. Using a dab rig is easy, and you need to follow the following steps for it:

Step 1: - Add water to the chamber of your rig.

Step 2: - Wait for the banger to cool down for 35-45 seconds once it is hot.

Step 3: - Apply wax to the banger with the aid of your dabber. Subsequently, start inhaling it via the mouthpiece.

Step 4: - Cover your dab with a carb cap and stop inhaling.

Step 5: - Exhale the vapour and repeat the whole process.

Q2. Can You Smoke Hash in a Dab Rig?
A2. Yes, you can smoke hash in a dab rig, as it is equipment for dabbing cannabis concentrates. Besides hash, you can smoke shatter, rosin, and more weed concentrates via a dab rig.

Q3. Do I Put Water in My Dab Rig?
A3. Yes, you are supposed to put water in your dab rig for several reasons, which we have mentioned below:

Water filters out impurities from weed concentrates and cools the vapour. In addition, it prevents a dab rig from overheating. Lastly, it keeps a dab rig from cracking at extreme temperatures for dabbing.

Q4. How Long Do You Heat a Dab Rig?
A4. When it comes to heating a dab rig, it takes approximately 30 seconds to heat up dab nails. It is the usual time for low-temperature dabs. Further, it takes a minute or more to heat dab nails for high-temperature dabs. Besides, you need to heat your dab nail until it gets red hot.

Q5. How Long Do You Torch a Dab Rig?
A5. 40 seconds is the ideal time for heating most bangers with a torch. However, the heating process can take 20 seconds, too, based on the quality of your torch.

Q6. How Much Water Do I Put in My Dab Rig?
A6. You need to cover three-fourth of the downstem of your rig with water to get ready to heat your nail. As a general rule, you should set the water level halfway up to enjoy dabbing with your rig.

Q7. How to Use a Dab Rig with a Carb Cap?
A7. Firstly, a carb cap is not a requirement for dabbing, but it offers a few benefits. You can get larger hits and enjoy a better flavour using a carb cap for dabbing. Further, it is how you use a carb cap with a dab rig:

Once you heat your nail or banger and add in concentrate, you should cover the banger with a carb cap. You may need to spin or lift the cap based on its style. Then, you will remove your carb cap to inhale the dab and clear your rig.

Q8. How to Use a Silicone Dab Rig?
A8. You use a silicone dab rig, similar to a glass rig but with a few tweaks. Further, here are the steps you will need to follow to use a silicone dab rig.