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Are you looking to purchase a Hookah in Canada, then you are so lucky, this article is just for you.  Mastering the hookah requires a certain level of knowledge. As you use it, you become much more familiar with its dynamics and upon amassing enough knowledge you will naturally make adjustments to the setup to reflect your personal taste. 

The standard hookah has the following components: I. Bowl ii. windscreen iii. hose iv. Purge valve v. water base vi. Plate vii. Grommet viii. Flavoured tobacco/ Herbal mixture ix. charcoal. 

How to Setup Your Hookah

  • Firstly, fill the basin with water.
  • Insert the trunk of the hookah into the basin. 
  • Put in a grommet on the hookah end of your hose and insert the hose into the hose port of trunk. Next, place a windscreen on top of your bowl (it can be an aluminium foil – remember to bore holes into the foil cover, that way oxygen can be drawn through the coals, shisha, and hookah). Now you have to put a grommet on top of the hookah trunk and attach a bowl.  
  • Place charcoal on the windscreen or foil and ignite. (you are advised to wait for the coals to ignite before inhaling from the hose. 
  • You can now slowly start to draw on the hose to begin heating the flavoured tobacco or herbal mixture depending on your preference to produce smoke. 
  • You will have to move the coal on windscreen to prevent it from burning it, and shake/ blow off any ash clinging to them to plate. 
  • Final tip, if the smoke starts to taste stale gently blow air into the hose to create pressure and lift the ball bearing in the purge valve to release any stale smoke and keep your hookah blowing fresh smoke. 

Hookahs to Buy Online

If you are looking to spice it up, there are a number of hookah types you can buy. 

Anodized Hookahs

Anodized aluminium hookahs are probably the most popular type in North America. You can buy an anodized hookah from an online headshop in Canada here.

Egyptian Hookahs

Egyptian hookahs are considered more traditional with their tall slender stems. You can buy an Egyptian hookah from an online headshop in Canada here.

Syrian Hookahs

The Syrian hookahs are very similar to their Egyptian with a thin stem as well but they have an upward angled hose port. They tend to give you a very traditional feeling, especially in terms of aesthetics 

For a newbie, you must keep in mind that there are different types of hookahs, as well as different shapes, sizes and types of accessories to complement the setup. So, you might have to try out a few types before you find what perfectly works for you. Check our online headshop here to buy a Hookah in Canada just for you.

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