Louis Vuitton Themed bong


  • Height: 10 inch
  • Base width: 3.8 inch
  • Comes with 14mm bowl and 3″ downstem
  • Nice LV design in pleasant white color
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Free Shipping Over $85

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Full Product Description

  • This Bong has the classic beaker.
  • Nice LV design in pleasant white color
  • These straightforward scientific glass bongs feature a stylish geometric indention ice-catch.
  • A tall beaker body that has a more upward facing bowl angle for easy lighting.
  • The bong is made from start to finish with a careful attention to detail.
  • It has a triple pinch ice catcher.




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    Wyatt Grayson

    Louis Vuitton Themed bong

    This is my first time on ShopRite, and I was amazed at the selection. They offer high-quality themed bongs unlike those cheap dab rigs on amazon that break after one use. This piece is thick and in the latest designs.

    July 12, 2021