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Ice Cubes in Your Bong: Good or Bad?


What do you think: Putting ice cubes in a bong helps or not? If you do not know, you will learn about it after reading this post. For some, putting ice cancels heat from the smoke giving you a smoother and less painful hit, but we shall see whether this belief is true or not. People also claim that ice can cause bronchitis and severe lung issues. Now let us see: What is true about putting ice cubes in your bong?

Can Ice Cause Bronchitis and Severe Lung Issues?

When you ice cubes in your bong, the hot smoke flows through those cubes and allows the water vapour to accumulate in your lungs, causing bronchitis and lung-related issues. Water vapours are cold; therefore, they can freeze while causing strain and stress to your lungs. It is especially true for people who already have some respiratory tract issue. Still, it does not guarantee that you will always be safe smoking a bong with ice cubes even if you do not have respiratory problems.

When you take out ice cubes from your freezer and put it in a warm bong, you may notice the white smoke coming out of it. This white smoke lasts for a few rips until your lighter’s heat starts melting the ice. If you know the correct method to inhale the smoke and exhale it by smoking a bong that you can buy from one of the online headshops in Canada, you can avoid hurting your lungs even if you use the ice cubes.

Can Ice Cubes Give You a Smoother Heat Instead?

Most people suggest putting your bong in the sun for a little while allows the ice to melt. You can do this with your old bong or the one you just bought from an online bong shop. You can melt the ice to avoid the white vapours. If you do not like this suggestion, you can go for an even better alternative, mentioned below:

It would be best if you fill your bong with cold water in place of ice. If you do that, you will have even smoother rips because you would have less heat from the very start. You will not notice any water vapour created or any extra water coming. You can try out this method yourself. Some bongs are designed to avert the actual condensation from getting into your lungs.


Using ice cubes in a bong can hurt your lungs. If you do not want to suffer from bronchitis or lung-related issues, you should know how to smoke a bong correctly that you can find in an online smoke shop. Exposing your lungs to a massive amount of water vapours can cause your lungs to freeze, besides strain and stress. However, if you use only a few ice cubes in your bong, you can enjoy pleasant rips if you let the ice melt first. You should also not forget not all bodies reacts the same way to bongs with ice cubes; therefore, ice cubes work for some and hurt some. You can also use cold water instead of ice cubes if you do not prefer using ice cubes in your bong. It is totally up to you whether you want to smoke a bong with ice cubes or cold water. You can go with the ice cubes if you want more smother hits, but do not forget to take precautions against white vapor inhalation using this method.