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What is a Gravity Bong (Geeb) and How Do You Make One?


Gravity bongs are highly scientific in nature. Most people don’t even know what’s going on with air and water pressure inside when they smoke it. Gravity bong has many names, such as Geeb, GB, bucket bong, Buckie, etc. These refer to the same method of smoking marijuana – funnelling smoke through water and then pushing it into the lungs. Does a gravity bong get you high? Certainly, yes. Now let’s find out what exactly is a gravity bong and how do you make one.

Before we give you the method to make your own gravity bong, here are some supplies you will need.

  • A small bucket or a large plastic bottle (2 litre is fine)
  • Another smaller plastic bottle (500 ml one would do)
  • Aluminium foil
  • Sharp knife or a box cutter
  • A needle for poking holes in the foil
  • Minimum one gram of your favourite bud (Cannabis strain)

Now, here are some steps you can follow and make your own gravity bong at home.

1.  Cut The Smaller Bottle

For this, you will use your box cutter very carefully to cut off the bottom of your smaller bottle. This is why it is necessary to go for plastic bottles. When you are cutting your smaller bottle’s bottom, remember that the more portion of the upper bottle means bigger hits.

2.  Prepare The Larger Bottle Or Bucket

If you are using a bucket, you don’t need to do anything other than filling it with some water. But with the larger bottle, you need to cut the bottom of that as well, just like you did with the smaller bottle.

3.  Make An Opening In The Smaller Bottle’s Cap

You need to make a small hole in your smaller bottle’s cap for the air to pass through. Ensure the hole is not big enough that the foil with bud falls in. It should not be too small to limit the passing air. Do all of this with the cap removed from the smaller bottle.

4.  Make The Bowl With Aluminium Foil

You will need to wrap the cap of the smaller bottle with aluminium foil. Make sure you shape the foil so that it forms a bowl to hold that cannabis bud. And if you really want to enhance your experience with the gravity bong, you should try some of these fancy bowls from the best online bong shop in Canada.

5.  Poke Some Holes In The Foil

Now you will need to poke some holes in your aluminium foil wrapped around the cap of the smaller bottle. After you poke the holes, load that bowl with your ground cannabis. If you are using a store-bought bowl, you can fill it with cannabis and move to the next step.

6.  Submerge The Smaller Bottle In Water

Now you will submerge your smaller bottle (without cap) into the larger bottle or the bucket filled with water. Let it go all the way down, and then carefully place the smaller bottle’s cap back on. Be careful not to drop that ground cannabis off your bowl while screwing it back to the bottle.

7.  Light Up The Cannabis

Now you will light the cannabis in the bowl while slowly lifting up the smaller bottle. Notice that there should be smoke when you gradually lift the smaller bottle. If there is no smoke or very little, check out any gaps in the bowl or the bottle cap’s loss.

8.  Unscrew The Cap And Smoke It

Finally, we are here. Once your smaller bottle is filled with thick smoke, unscrew the cap and quickly put your mouth over the bottle (like how you drink something from it). Once the bottle is in your mouth, slowly push the bottle down in the water. This will give you an enormous boost of THC, and you can get high instantly.

The Take-Away

There are many factors that affect how long your high lasts. Since it is way smoother and easier to smoke from a gravity bong, most people often smoke it too much. When THC goes in your lungs in large amounts, you are prone to an overdose of marijuana. So, keep it light on yourself and enjoy your homemade gravity bong.