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Should You Get a Small Bong or a Big Bong?


Both big bongs and small bongs are conveniently available in online headshops in Canada. However, the confusion among stoners about bongs in Canada is between choosing a big or a small bong. Some stoners think that small bongs are better, whereas some believe that big bongs are better. Both of these bongs exist; hence, both serve a purpose. Let us consider six things to decide whether a big or a small bong is better.


Percolators in a bong provide smokers with the smooth hits they are after. A percolator filters the smoke to make it cleaner and sometimes cooler to aid bong users to experience smoking with smooth hits. Usually, small bongs have less room for percolation than large bongs, which gives big bongs the edge over small bongs.


Durability is an important factor to consider when selecting a new bong. Both small and large bongs are breakable. Sometimes, the thinner glass of small bongs and top-heavy size of large glass bongs lead these bongs to break. However, if you pick a thicker glass bong, the size of the bong won’t matter.

The Price Range:

Affordability is another important consideration to determine whether you should choose a small bong or a big bong. You will find a variety of bongs under a price range of $100 on online smoke shops. It does not mean that big bongs are cheaper. Large bongs are complex but offer a better smoking experience. Small bongs are simple but are not top-notch, making them a more affordable option for stoners.

The Performance:

You need to contemplate ice catchers, down-stems, glass thickness, bowl attachments, besides percolators for bongs. Ice catchers help you add ice to the bongs and provide you with cooler and filtered hits. You can only get this with a large bong. Diffused down-stems in bongs give you clean hits, and you will find down-stems in both large and small bongs. A bong with more than 5mm thick glass tubing is categorized as a better bong for durability. It is a large bong with more room for upgrades, so large bongs should be your choice if you want to upgrade your smoking setup and enjoy smoking marijuana.


Large bongs are not an ideal investment if you want to carry a bong with you for on-the-go smoke sessions or enjoy smoking bong with your friend. It means that large bongs are only a suitable option for home; on the other hand, small bongs are portable. If you want to travel with your bong discreetly, you should consider investing in a small bong.

The Material:

Bongs are usually made of glass, ceramic, plastic, and silicone. Metal bongs also exist but are not the best. All of the preceding bongs have advantages and disadvantages; however, glass bongs are undoubtedly the best. Usually, the material used for big bongs is better than small bongs.


It would be best if you remember the following things to choose in between a small bong and a big bong:

  1. Percolation gives big bongs the edge over small bongs.
  2. Both small and large glass bongs can last for long provided that you handle them with care.
  3. Small bongs target low-budget smokers, and big bongs are costly yet better.
  4. Big bongs are convenient to upgrade than small bongs.
  5. Small bongs are portable, giving them the edge over big bongs.
  6. Usually, big bongs feature a better material than small bongs.