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Shisha Flavours

Shisha Flavors

Sometimes, you want to spice up your smoking experience in Canada? I mean literally spice it up, then shisha flavor’s should be top of your consideration list. 

The artistic feel that shisha gives is one reason why a lot of people subscribe to it.  You can create different shapes from those lovely puffs you emit, depending on how much mastery you have. It is also worth noting that some people find the dense smoke clouds given off while puffing shisha very alluring. 

However, the main point of blowing a joint is to get high and regardless of the way you go about it, the underlying reason remains the same. 

But if you’re going to get high why not do it in style? With shisha you can literally go high in a sweet way.

Shisha is generally referred to as a water pipe that is used to smoke flavored tobacco. When compared to other smoking accessories in Canada such as hookahs and bongs, its setup is quite simple.

Shisha has four basic components:

  1. Tobacco
  2. Glycerol or Glycerin 
  3. Flavors
  4. Molasses

It’s almost impossible not to find a Shisha pot in every club and lounge. It has become symbolic item for youths at different possible social gathering such as house parties and college hangouts. This shows the level of acceptance it has garnered among the youth who find it a great medium of expression. 

Also, there’s a general feeling of safety associate with puffing clouds with Shisha since it is not as concentrated as other kinds of smoke, so it is perhaps the mildest for a newbie who is new to the smoking culture in general.

Shisha gives you a wide array of flavour options for you to explore so you don’t get stuck with just one. Exploring different Shisha flavours gives you that feeling of versatility, like there’s always something more to try out. 

Available Shisha flavours include:

  • Blueberry-surreal!
  • Citrus-juicy!
  • Double Apple- leaves a lingering memory!
  • Strawberry- one of the most popular flavours
  • Grape-sweet wine sensation!
  • Mint Cream-sharp taste!
  • Watermelon-sweet with zesty undertone!
  • Mango-fruity!

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Shisha can be laced with weed to give it that extra bite just in case you are not feeling the actual thing.

This coupled with the fact that Shisha flavour can conceal the smell of weed. So, no one knows what you’re puffing on. It’s very discreet and it preserves that cool smoking experience. This combo is perhaps the sweetest way to get stoned.

And the best part is that it’s absolutely legal in Canada. So, if you are in need of the best smoking accessories, shisha flavors weed accessories in Canada, you are in luck because we’ve got you covered. Our prices will leave you wondering why you didn’t know about us before. So if you need a reliable Shisha flavor plug with great prices to boot, we are here for you and remember that with us, you puff more and pay less all the time. 


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