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How to Ensure Smoother Bong Rips?


Sometimes you can get philosopher stoned (being thoughtful after getting high) and can make pretty rational decisions for yourself, such as not continuing to smoke weed. But the next day, when you hear your stoner buddy making that pleasing bong rips sound, you immediately snap out of your rational thinking.

When the air bubbles pass through bong water, the sound you hear is referred to as a bong rip. But in other terms, bong rip also means how smooth a hit you have taken from your bong. There are ways to ensure smoother bong rips without much practice. All it takes is the right bong accessories and the guts to smoke it as you mean it. So, without wasting any moments that you can use for getting high, let’s find out how you can ensure smoother bong rips.

Right Accessories are the key

The most important factor that can separate your bong rips from those novice stoners is the usage of the right accessories with your bong. You can buy cheap bongs and accessories online in Canada, for that matter. Once you have the perfect sized bowl, the percolator, ice-catcher, ash catcher, and the bong itself, no one can stop you from hitting that perfect bong rip.

Next in the line is the filtration system of your bong.

Bong Water and Smoothness

There is only one filtration system in a bong, and that is the bong water. It is essential to understand how you can change the game by just replacing your bong water with some cool alternatives – literally cool alternatives, though.

Add Ice to the Bong water

The best thing you can do to make your bong smoother is the addition of ice in the bong. The main purpose of bong water is to cool down the smoke before you take it in. Ice does this job perfectly well by making the smoke much cooler than regular bong water.

Add some Gatorade with Ice

Once you try your bong with ice, you will already feel that smoothness. Want to experiment even more? Try adding some juices or Gatorade to your bong with ice. This will not only make your bong rips smoother but also a lot more flavourful.

Choose the material of your Bong wisely

Another important factor that can change the way you hit your bong rips is the material of your bong. If you use a classic glass bong, you are good to go already. But going for newer materials that you don’t have much experience with can cause a bit of difficulty, not because of the material itself but because of the different placement of accessories and its build quality. If you want to make sure that you get to enjoy your bong in any material, you need to buy only high-quality bongs.

The Take-Away

So, there are a few things that can ensure smoother bong rips for you every time. These things include the usage of the right bong accessories, bong water, and the quality of your bong. Other than that, you need to be careful when packing the bowl of your bong. Make sure to keep the bowl a little loose so that you can suck all the smoke smoothly when you light the bowl contents.