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Choose from a wide variety of E-Juice from Shoprite Smoke Shop

E-Juice’ is also known as an ‘E-Liquid’ or a ‘Vape Juice’. It is placed in the tank of an e-cigarette or a vape to create vapor. At Shop Rite, you will find the finest quality e-juices available.

We are well-known in Canada for serving the vapers with the best quality and different flavoured e-juices. At Shop Rite, smokers will find e-liquids at very cheap prices. So if you are in the hunt for a low-price and top-notch vape juice, then Shoprite Smoke Shop is the shop to go for.

We have satisfied loads of customers in the past with our top-notch e-juices. Some of our flavored vape juices include grape apple (Matata), grapefruit (Harambae), guava (Haka Punch), rip mango (Nirvana), and ripened strawberry (Red Magic).