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Do Not Want to Refill the E-Liquid in a Vape Pod? You Need to Get a Pre-Filled Pod System

A Pod System’ or ‘Vape Pod’ is also known as a mini vape. It works on a two-part system: A pod filled with a vape juice that snaps into a small battery. It comes in non-refillable and refillable designs. Shop Rite has vape pods available in non-refillable designs.

We offer the best pod systems available in the online marketplace. At Shop Rite, smokers will find vape pods for sale as they sell for a low price.

We have satisfied hundreds of smokers in the past with our excellent pod systems. We are offering the pod system of reputable brands like STLTH.

  • STLTH Device

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    • STLTH is a sleek designed Canadian brand that is perfect for those people who want to do the transition from smoking to vaping. This small device is easy to carry around and has closed-system unit with non-refillable pods for greater convenience.
    • Battery capacity: 350mAH
    • Charging: MicroUSB charging system
    • Cartridge capacity: Three pods each with a capacity of 2ml
    • Pods Nicotine strength: 20ml/ML, 35ml/ML or 50mg/ML