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Dab Rigs in Canada

Dab Rigs

It could be stressful to find a Dab Rig that works for you, especially during the lockdown. But if you are in Canada, then you are lucky. Dab Rigs are small water pipes that are specifically designed to help you smoke your concentrates and waxes popularly known as Dabs. Dabs are essential oils extracted from different plants and then manufactured into a highly concentrated form usually as solids. Buy Dab Rigs Online Canada here.

Dabbing is the new chick thing in mainstream smoking. Dabbers have successfully replaced long beaker bongs and tubers with Dab Rigs and you can’t really disagree with this move. Dab Rigs are shorter and get the job done faster than classic bongs. So, how exactly is dabbing achieved? It involves pressing an extract or concentrates against a highly-heated surface of an oil rig then inhaling the smoke. This is the new chick way of puffing a joint.

Dab Rigs offer a more intense experience since they are much shorter than bongs. There’s hardly much room for the joint to roam, so it slaps differently when you take it to the head (Not like Chris Breezy though)- that kind of hit that can knock you back on the chair. Dab Rigs offer a smoother and stronger experience for stoners. Thanks to their cooling and vaporization techniques. Besides the health benefits, Dab Rigs change your smoking experience altogether. Making it safer and cooler. The shape of the dab rig is an intentional feature that allows you to easily place your lips on top of the rig and get that smoke in a quick draw. Easy-peesy, don’t you agree? Now, let’s look at some benefits attached to using Dab Rig for oils and wax concentrates.

Benefits of Using Dab Rigs 

  1. Firstly, you get the maximum flavour of your concentrates. With Dab Rigs, you are getting the very best out of your concentrates. 
  2. With dab rigs, you get less carcinogens. Basically, it cuts out much of the bad stuff that can harm you.
  3. Dab Rigs offer a pleasant taste for some that do not feel comfortable with the unpleasant odour of smoke. So, the experience is more enjoyable. 
  4. You get a strong vapor output.   

How To Use A Dab Rig 

  1. Take your Dab tool and scrape the desired amount of concentrate 
  2. Next,  heat up your Dab nail with the torch. You have to heat it up, until the entire nail turns red.
  3. Wait for it to cool off. This takes about 40 seconds.  Ensure you wait till the nail is no longer red. 
  4. Once it cools off, take your already prepared wand tool to dab your contrate into the nail and inhale until you are satisfied or feeling fly. 
  5. The process is quite easy, isn’t?

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