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Bongs vs. Pipes vs. Joints: What can Get You Higher?


Anything that you smoke like a dope with some fine marijuana can get you high – if you are a beginner unless you are a pothead who has been smoking weed for some time now. You can get high pretty much on anything that has the slightest THC in it. And if you are the one who keeps a joint in a glove box on the go, you should probably read on to find out what can get you higher among a bong, pipe, or a joint. Although there are many more methods for smoking Cannabis, we will consider only the top three for the comparison.


A joint is like your best friend. You hang out with it a lot in the beginning. And as some time goes by and you become tolerant for a joint, you start making new friends. But does the best friend go away? NO! No cannabis delivery method can replace a joint. You may go out with your new body-builder friend (the BONG), or you may have a sitting with grumpy old dab rig sometimes for the extra fun, but your best friend has its unique place. A joint can always get you high if you use your Cannabis like it’s meant to be used. A lot of stoners increase their tolerance for weed in the first couple of months. The problem with developing tolerance is that then you need more potent alternatives to get high. So, keep your friendship with other weed delivery methods only for the occasional gatherings or parties. For daily usage, there is nothing better than a joint.


Pipes nowadays come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and all. There are water pipes, bubbler pipes, no-carb pipes (chillum), and more. Weed pipes are the best way to get high for several hours. Whichever category of pipe you select, you are basically smoking your weed without any filters, which increases the potency. Although you cannot smoke a weed pipe regularly, it’s always fun to enjoy one every once in a while. A bubbler pipe or simply water pipe is very similar to a bong in function since they enable you to take big hits. Dry pipes such as a horn pipe are an instant method for getting high without going into all the rolling and prep stuff. But it’s usually a one-timer because then you have to clean it up, and that’s a mess.


And now it’s time to introduce the undisputed champion of the weed world – the Bong. A bong is like a complete set-up to get you high off-limits. Imagine taking a massive hit on your joint, you will cough and cough, and all the high will be gone. You cannot take a big hit on a dry pipe either. But once you have a bong, you won’t need anything else to get you through the night – fully stoned. The variety in bongs these days is astounding. There are so many options in bongs that you can get confused about which one to pick. You can also get a cheap bong online for a start. And if you are an experienced cannabis user, you should definitely try ceramic and silicone bongs.


For smoking weed, it’s not like you can choose a winner. That is because, for most people, a joint is enough to make them lose their minds. For other experienced cannabis users, a bong can’t even disorient them. Having a balance between your weed delivery methods is the ideal thing to do if you want to keep enjoying your weed for a long time. And sometimes, it is vital to take a tolerance break to keep the ball rolling.