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Bong, Bubblers, Pipe, or Paper: What Should I Go For?


Marijuana is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. There were various myths attached to it that are subsequently being dismantled. People are gravitating towards it more. And owing to that fact, companies are offering multiple types of products that contain marijuana. But now, the question is: what is the best way to consume it? As a beginner, should you go for a pipe, bubbler, paper, or a bong?

To help you with this problem, we took it upon ourselves to analyze all of the above mentioned ways. Keep on reading to know more about them.


When it comes to easiness and simplicity, there’s nothing that can compare to the classic pipe. If you’re looking for the rapid route from bag to buzz, pipes are recommended. All you have to do is put a little piece in and flame it up. Also, pipes are generally smaller in size, which means they provide great portability. Here are some other advantages you get with pipes:

  • Low cost
  • They are made of durable materials
  • Easy to hide

If you’re on a low leash budget-wise, pipes are mostly a slighter investment. They’re also incredible for beginners and young smokers who’re learning the strings of marijuana smoking. If your pipe suffers any damage or breaks, the relief cost you’d pay will be relatively easy on your pocket.


If you want your journey with cannabis not to stop, why not invest in something that gives more than the hot blows you get from a pipe. In many aspects, bubblers offer the best of both worlds – you have the smoothness of a bong hit due to water filtration, and you get the fantastic portability you get from a pipe.

Similarly, with bubblers, you get many more choices regarding materials, designs, and characteristics. The only problem is that the initial cost with bubblers is typically more significant compared to pipes.


Although bongs, also known as ‘water pipes’ don’t offer pipes’ portability and clarity, they deliver so much more to make up for it. One of the best traits they offer is water filtration, which cools the smoke and softens the lungs. Some additional advantage of bongs include:

  • Flowed hits
  • Usable in a wide variety of beautiful designs
  • With bongs, the smoking manner isn’t as compressed

However, bongs generally cost much more than your regular bubbler or pipe.


Easily the most reasonable way of smoking cannabis, the paper is possibly the modest way as well. What could be simpler than paper? With paper, you don’t need any particular equipment as you would with a bong, vaporizer, or pipe. All you require is some rolling paper, some weed, and a filter. Many smokers assess joints to be the only way of smoking marijuana.

Though, you don’t get any unique details like water filtration with paper. Also, you consume a more incredible amount of weed when you smoke joints.


So, which method do you like best? Based on your preference and budget, any one of them could be your answer to reaching tranquility faster. Let us know which one you prefer.


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