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6 Pro Tips for Stoners


Professional stoners have different ways to experience better highs than beginners. They have got all the answers to smoking cannabis in the best and weirdest ways. These smokers share these tips with others who want to experience a satisfactory high. If you want to get as high as professionals, the following tips can help you.

1. Mix a CBG Flower with THC Flower:

CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids. It is non-psychoactive and similar to CBD, inducing soothing sensations in your mind and body without making you feel sleepy. If you mix CBG with THC, you can have a balanced and enhanced high smoking cannabis. Sour G strain can help you get the CBG you are after and get the desired high.

2. Eat a Mango:

Mangoes are a delicious fruit and can help stoners relish smoking marijuana. Mangoes have myrcene which has terpenes. Therefore, you can eat a mango first and consume cannabis afterward. It will let the THC in your cannabis interact with the myrcene and its terpenes, eventually augmenting the potency and duration of your high. It is advised to eat a mango an hour before cannabis consumption to get a euphoric high.

3. Go with Edibles:

Edibles provide you with an entirely different high that you get from smoking. In addition, the high you get from cannabis edibles last for a long time, typically four hours.  Edibles process through the liver with robust effects, and it is advised that you consume edibles cautiously. Usually, one dose of cannabis edible is 10mg. If it is your recommended dose, you should wait for at least one hour to see if the high has taken over you. The high may take several hours to plateau and recede.

4. Smoke a Gravity Bong:

A gravity bong has a few other names, including a waterfall bong and a bucket bong. This bong takes advantage of gravity by releasing water to pull weed smoke into the container that stoners inhale. A gravity bong is a unique bong creating huge clouds and make sure you get a better high than a regular joint, blunt, or other bongs. You can conveniently find a gravity bong in an online smoke shop in Canada.

5. Smoke Concentrates:

Cannabis concentrates, such as hash oil, is a concentrated form of cannabis isolating cannabinoids. It lets you get the high of a more pure THC than the plant matter. A small amount of cannabis concentrates can provide you with a significantly better high than the same amount of cannabis flower.

6. Utilize a Grinder:

Grinder is the right way to grind your weed, so it burns evenly and slowly without affecting its potency. If you break your bud by fingers, trichomes can stick to your fingers, and you won’t get the high you want. Stoners recommend smokers utilize a grinder while smoking cannabis.


The following six tips can help stoners smoke cannabis with the best flavour and better high than usual:

  1. Mix your CBG flower with THC flower before smoking.
  2. Eat mangoes an hour before you consume a THC flower.
  3. Consume cannabis edibles with the recommended dosage.
  4. Smoke marijuana via a gravity bong.
  5. Smoke cannabis concentrates.
  6. Utilize a grinder and grind your weed rather than using your hands to consume it.