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5 Types of Bongs and Their Best Uses

5 Types of Bongs and Their Best Uses

The Cannabis industry has recently seen a boom in its evolution. There are hundreds of different products out in the market that you can use. These include blunts, joints, edibles, oils, bath bombs, and a host of other products. The bong is the only thing that is still the same. A lot of people still prefer the old-school method over the new ones. The best bit is that there’s a bong for everyone (Literally). There are various types of bongs, and they all have their own pros and cons. So, if you are trying to get a new bong, or even if you are a starter and looking for your very first bong, here, we will tell you about the five major types.

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Bamboo

Metal Bongs

Metal bongs have never been as popular as some of the other types that we will discuss later on. The main reason for this is the change in taste that most smokers feel. This is due to the metal. Also, you never know when is the right time to clean them; you have to go on assumptions.  Another reason why they are not so popular is that they are quite heavy and not easy to carry around. The main reasons people buy metal bongs are that they are cheap and durable.

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are among the most popular ones in the market. It is easy to clean and doesn’t affect the taste at all. Every time you take a hit, you will be taking in pure, unadulterated marijuana and nothing else. It is transparent, which means you can easily see the resin buildup and clean it in time. But due to all these factors, glass bongs are a bit on the expensive side. Also, they are fragile and need lots of care.

Plastic Bongs

These are the second most popular bong material is, we would definitely say plastic. One of the reasons is that it is extremely durable. Dropped your plastic bong during a coughing fit? No problem. There won’t be a single dent on it. They are also fairly cheap as compared to some of the other materials. You can easily carry them around without the fear of breaking them, unlike glass or ceramic. The one thing that you’ll have t suffer is the subtle change in taste with time.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are heavy and fragile. You can’t carry them around. You have to take care of them no matter where you are, in your house or outside. Count this as a major reason why people don’t prefer ceramic bongs. The positive is that they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They are very easy to work with. Do you have a novelty shape in your mind? You can easily have a ceramic bong made in that shape. In fact, if you are willing to take some classes, you can make them yourself. They are more expensive than plastic, yet less expensive than glass. You might not want them around daily, but you can bring them out of your cabinet on special occasions and display them proudly.


Bamboo is a versatile material for bongs and other objects. It comes in various shapes and sizes, ranging from the simple tube bong to the fancy and ornate ones that have metal varnish and paint. It is also durable, and if you treat it right, it will last you forever. The price depends on the type of bong you choose. It could be ridiculously cheap or extremely expensive.


So, here are the top five types of bongs that people use. Which one of them do you prefer? Let us know. If you have any more types of bongs that you want to see in this list, tell us that too. We will be sure to include it.


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