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4 Best Weed Games to Play When You’re High


If you are looking for some fun weed games, it probably means you are a regular stoner. It may also mean that you have just started smoking pot, and you are a little too excited about that. Whatever the case, you will find all the fun stuff you have to try when you are baked.

Weed games are supposed to be played before you get completely stoned. Most people miss the point of these games and plan to play when the whole stoner group is high. Once you get high, things become a little tricky. Once everybody gets high, all you do is stick to a couch, play with your phone or just stare at a wall.

We have listed the four best weed games that you should try.

1.  Weed Baseball

Weed baseball is the new go-to weed game for many stoners in Canada. It is simple to play, needs no prep, and at the end, you get seriously baked. So, it’s as simple as passing your joint in a circle but with some rules. To start, you will need to take a big hit from a joint and then hold the smoke in. While holding it in, you will pass the joint to the next person in the circle. The same thing will repeat until the last person takes a hit and the joint comes back to the person who began. When one full circle is complete without any of the players exhaling, it is called a RUN – just like real baseball.

2.  Never Have I Ever

So basically, it’s a drinking game, but what does it matter whether you take a shot or a hit. When you are with your stoner friends, it can be one of the best things to do. You all just need to sit in a circle with joints, bongs, vapes, or whatever your best weed delight is. Once all your weed accessories are ready, anyone from the group can start. The first person will go like, “Never have I ever *any action*. ” Then whoever has done it will take a hit. It is recommended to play this game with a bong so that whoever has to take a hit must be a big hit. You can easily get cheap bongs online for this game.

3.  Medusa

Giving a tribute to the legendary Medusa is a good idea on a weed night. Whoever gazes into the eyes of Medusa will turn to “stone” (as in, will take a hit so big that they will get stoned). It’s really a simple game to play when you are already high. It goes in the order that everyone sitting or standing in the circle will put their head down and wait. Then, on the count of three, everyone has to look up and gaze right into the person’s eyes, either on the left or right. If you are looking at someone, but they are not looking at you, you are safe. But if you are the one who is looking at someone who is also looking at you, then both the people take a hit from a bong.

4.  Tripping

This is another fun way to keep your high to the max. This is technically not a game, but it’s a whole lot of fun to do when everyone is high. All you need to do is put at least a 30-minute-long Psychedelic trance on YouTube on a big screen, turn the sound to the max (taking care of the neighbours, of course), and go full tripping. It’s better to load as many joints or blunts as you can before starting the “trip.” You can even keep a Marijuana vaporizer handy for this tripping session.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are confused about selecting your weed delivery method for the fun night. In that case, you can decide according to the games you have planned. It will be best for some games or sessions to have at least two varieties out of bongs, joints, or dabs.